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the house in klezkavania

The title of this report is a reference to the album that was playing throughout most of the night, Plaid tounged devils(klezkavania).

The title of this report is a reference to the album that was playing throughout most of the night, Plaid tounged devils(klezkavania).

introduction. I am an 18 year old male this was my 5th trip. my previous ones had only opend a crack in the doors of perception and took a little peak,however this one kicked it open and ran inside

charcaters: friend with house=s
her twin sister=w
friends not on shrooms=d and j
friends on shrooms=me,c,l and k

one year ago september 10th 2004 my friend announced that her parents were leaving town right around the time we were looking for a place to do shrooms again so me and two friend decided to buy an 1/8th each of really good shrooms. we wanted to to go deeper then previous trips that we had only taken at the most 2 grams.on friday we had already had the shrooms and we caught the bus after school to s's school we then caught another bus to there house up on a hill.it was a nice but windy autum day and the house was up on a hill it was more of a log mansion out in the sticks. when we got there there was 2 more poeple there h and her bf m who is older and sells shrooms.we waited around then when d and k got there.me,c and chopped up the shrooms and ate them k bought seperate ones from m who had a huge stash of them hidden in his flash light. we went downstairs and started playing pooland 15 minutes later i could already feel them we put on the music and sipped a cuple beers I started getting really intense visuals already the whole room would slant diagonal including all the people in it and the body high started to come.I felt to fucked up to play pool so did c,k and l I was still holding the pool stick in my hand. I was resting on it and it felt like it started to bend then i grabbed it with both hands and it fell sloppy dead like a wet noodle I was havving some fun playing with it it felt like a really liquidy joystick that I could control the distortion of the room with.I noticed c and m(sober) started playing pool so i went to watch well i was to distracet by the fuzz on the pool table forming weird creatures like gargoiles to even notice the pool game so I went into c's room her and her friend who had just arrived will call her b were drunk and decided to do shrooms who they bought from m they were drunk stupid and they were eating them I told them they would regret it it was b's first time and they basically told me to shutup so I left and went into w's room j was in there and I asked for the time he showd me his watch. well that didnt really help much due to his hand streching for what seemed like a mile and the digets were moving around like it was a game of tetris,shocked by what was happening I backked up and was visually blown away by w"s room witch had sponged dabs of pink anf purple paint all over the wall.there was way to much things in this room for my comfort and the paint sploches turend into wierd ape heads with long pony tail ane were flying around the walls liek they were fighting eachother I left in a hurry and found l walking down the hall towards me with a english gettup on that he found in the costume box he had a bowler hat on and everything this tripped me out since it was already an english themed house with british flags up and what not he was also turning of all the lightrs exept for the one in the t.v room wich was red this really fucked me up . I sat down in a wierd directors chair and sat there looking at my contorting hands in this living room that was bright red this was a really fucked up basment with trippy props every were. I think there english mom made it a kinda english psycadelic mod theme never knowing her kids and her friends were going to get blown away from it one day.anyways I turn on the lights and im standing there looking at my twisting beer when k and l say there going for a walk I go with them but we only make it down the driveway and turn back terrified by this windy dark unknown landscape.we convince every one to go for a walk because they know the place better d and k were completly shitfaced and were setting a verry weird mood.we walked down a gravel raod with trees on the side and the only light coming from the other log houses nearby. the road was twisting so much I could barely keep balanc and the trees were morphing and melting they all had different things making up the branches,eyes,wierd birds,ect I convince them to turn back and we finanly did the drunken hcame up to me who was walking b her bf and was asking me weirs questions liek do you know how many time weve hooked up with her bf right there I said no and she said 3 times.I got really paranoid and just said thanks for the knowledge this comment actually mad m laugh witch was a big relief when we got back in the house through the basment we were gretted by s who was tripping her balls of saying that b is having a bad trip and is curled in a ball and that q came home who is house sitting and is a cop then she ran down the hallway and puked on the wall and I saw eyes and guts in her puke because of my visual distortion ,this I can clearly say did not help my trip I went into the dark room the b was in and she was muddering somthing really wierd she was laying in a curled up ball I said fuck this shit im leaving on my way out the back door I told k,l and c we should get the fuck outta this nut house then I relized ,shit this is a nut house just when drunken d came around the corner in to room with a bag full of chips spitting them everywere we decided b was dying d was insane and the cop upstairs was gonna kill us and with no sober people to tell us other wise we were fucking outta there on the way out I walked down the hall way and say faces in the wall coming out like of the haunting the last song on the c.d was playing wich is the trippiest fucking shrooms song it sound almost egyptian and it was fucking me over on the way out. when we went out the back door we only made it to the driveway were the wind was blowing us and it felt like my particle and pieces of me were blowing of with the wind we could hear the music coming from the nearby house it was really trippy. we decided to go wait just out side the back door with the porch over top of it blocking the wind we sat there smoking s's dads expensive cigars wich was really calming me down and the smoke being exhaled was making really cool designs .at this point q poked her head out and asked what we were doing. I said to myself ,were fucked,but c just simply said smoking she said why no answer then he says bad habbit I geuss and q went back inside. I thaught how absurd all this panick for that I went inside and sat down just looking around tripping my arse off listening to the song the s comes in and says q just left this made me feel awsome I ran upstairs for the first time since I ate the shrooms and there was nobody there I got some jello from the fridge and brought it downstairs we all sat on the coush eating jello watching this fucked up movie about litlle elve things with really bad computer animation like they filmed a dude then mad him smaller with a computer and just poseted it in front of the other bigger images we were starting to come down. and basiaccly talked about how fucked up that was.we also looked at a picture I had drawn of a machine with little humans going into it that turns them into butter.we decided to all sleep in the same room. and I woke up the next day completly sober.

now its about a year later and Iv only doe shrooms once inbetween but barely even had enough to feel them.Im thinking abou doing them again soon. but doubt I will ever experience a setting like that again.

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