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the high chancelor

the other day i had been talking with my cousin who used to live in a comune where he experimented with many phsycodelics.

the other day i had been talking with my cousin who used to live in a comune where he experimented with many phsycodelics. he told me he had grown a batch of shrooms and the ones he tested were extremely potent. my parents were goin away for the weekend so i said what the hell as i had never shroomed before. he came over and i invited a friend of mine. my friends and i had smoked four bong loads before my cousin got there so i wasnt listening very well when he told me to be careful since it was first time. he gave me about 8 grams to keep as my personal stash. i thought i was supposed to eat all of them.. this was the mistake ill never forget....i went to my room and forced all 8 grams down my throat...nearly vomiting i went to the bathroom and managed not to. i went back out to the living room with my cousin and my buddy who were talkin drugs and babes...my cousin said let me see your personal stash and ill throw somemore in there...i was dumbfounded and said personal stash? he looked at me with a frightened gaze and said "you didnt fuckin eat all 8 grams did you?!?!?!"
i said yeah i thought i was supposed to? he said ok stay by me the whole time cuz ur gonna trip pretty fuckin hard.
this kinda got me scared and i sat on the couch and it felt like i was falling when i sat down. disregarding this weird feeling i began looking at the patterns on my wall with utter amazement at how intricate and well choreographed they were as they danced around....there were little tribesmen with spears and sheilds who were dancing and chanting around a fire .....a huge fire....one of them..i think it was the leader...beckoned me to join in their dancing....i thought about how my cousin told me to stay by him but i went anyway.....i danced and chanted these incoherent mantras which made perfect sense as i bellowed them....the leader grabbed my hand and lead me aroud the fire and finally i knew what we were dancing for.....we were waiting for the high chancelor to descend and give us our purposes of life....all the tribesmen learned their purpose in life and when the high chancelor came upon me he scowled and yelled..."he is not one of us...he i not worthy" i began to cry and cower at the incredible sight of the chancelor....he exiled me to the the place where the unworthy dance in hopes of attracting the high chancelor....i danced and chanted in the pit of darkness around a fire of water(yeah thats right a fire of water) and i stopped abruptly and tried to escape knocking over the demon guard he screamed curses of death at me as i sped away from place.....i stopped running and found myself in a jungle which i later realized was composed of the patterns on my wall....i was led out of the jungle by an old man who had lived there since he was a little boy...he said he had been left there by a group of friends who had been chosen by the high chancelor....as i neared the edge of the jungle i saw a face looking in.....a huge face....with spacy eyes and a mouth hanging open....upon closer observation i realized who the face belonged to....it was my own face....it was me looking into the jungle of the patterns on my wall....i neared the giant face and lunged at it and when we colided i awoke looking into my wall and i bid the old man goodbye and thanked him for all his help and he leaned forward and kissed my nose which sent an overwhelming sensation throughout my entire body...almost orgasmic....i turned away from the wall and saw my cousin and friend sitting on the same couch where i had left them.....................................................as i began to come down they told me i had been sitting in front of the wall for about ten hours....they told me i had made noises and chanted incoherent mantras and screamed and spoke to someone and bid him goodbye and thanked him...ive tripped many times since but ive never had a more real and vivid and enlightening experience...probably because i havent eaten 8 g's since then either...

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