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the Helping hand

it waz my first time Dosing shroomz, my first and best time ever, i never got hight of shroomz like that ever again , i got bout 2 gramz of my boy i normaly get my weed off,it waz some crazy brown looking shit.

it waz my first time Dosing shroomz, my first and best time ever, i never got hight of shroomz like that ever again
, i got bout 2 gramz of my boy i normaly get my weed off,it waz some crazy brown looking shit.

i whent to this guys hous i knew in the building, hes like one of thowz dope expert basterdz, his like 38 or something, but anywazy every time i smoke pot i go hiz house and he tripz the living shit out of me with hiz crazy azz wazy, so i show him da Bag, hiz like WoW, then i ask if i like eat them stra8 or with some pizza or some shit,and he waz like, Hay man!!! ama make you some fucking tea, so i gave da shit to him.

He started doing something in the kitchen with it. while i wait, my best friend popz up hiz hous with a bag full of fucking madizm, he joind me at the coffe table and started to break up the weed. then the dope expert basterd comez with this big azz cup, and sayz, herez your fucking tea man, and im like thanx man. By that time my Best friend finished roling the dope, it waz fucking huge aleast 3 dimez in that fucking Cone, so all 3 of us started blazing that Jay , and then the dope expert basterd asked me , Howz the tea man? and i sed Aight.. then he got up and whent to take a piss ore something.

the Joint waz done and my best friend with this crazy wacked from the weed face askez!! you feeling the shroomz man, i sed i dont know cuz i had a J to so i waznt shure if i waz feeling it. so i reach in my pocket, pull out a fucking smoke, light the shit,put the lighter on the coffe table and sudenly ..

Baaaaaaam .. 2 fucking wordz came to my mind.


it hit me hard, sudenly the fucking room filled with this wird as looking inviseble gaz, there waz like wird fumez floating all over the place, everything smelld like fucking rubber,i waz getting a lil freaked out, then i herd the crazyest voise in the world, it like blabbed at me with thiz crazy accent that give me creepz.

it waz my best friend, but hiz eyez weer blood red hiz head waz tilting from side to side , he looked like a goddamn snake!!

that moment i realized. Well the shroomz defenetly kiked in, i looked at the coffe table and for some fucking reason it waz slightly floating in the air,i jumped up and screamd!

.. Y de fuck iz the table floating, i screamd out loud!

Y the fuck waz it floating? i trully culdnt understand, it waznt right, coffe tanblez to not float i thot in my head, but goddamit it waz fucking floating.
my friend emidetly got up to comfort me he obvisly realized i waz fucking wacked.

But he only made it wors he started asking me something and reaching hiz heand to me, hiz godamn fingerz slowly extendet towordz my face, come down he sed, and thowz wordz roard like thunder with massive eccho in it, sudenly all my fearz are gone.

for some fucking reason i sudenly stoped thinking of the floating table and my friendz evil voise and crazy fingerz on hiz hand.
i felt safe.
then i realized my sigarret waz still burning. i picked it up, took a deep drag, ashed it, and silently whent to the bathroom, pulled down my shit, started pisssing into the toalet, looked stra8 at the wall and there it waz!
a pic framed and hanin on the wall, on the frame waz written the name of the pick, The helping heand !!

in the pic there waz this boat in the midle of nowere in the ocean,a lil girl waz in it, she waz wering a red hat, it looked like she waz from the 14th sentury or someshit, next to her waz siting some old fucking fisherman with crazy Mustage and thay both stared at me.
the girlz eye twiched, OMG, the fearz came back again, sudenly the lil girl waz fuckign scaring da living shit out of me.

her hand reached out to me, i garbbede my face with both handz, fore some goddamn reason i felt compation for the lil bitch, i really wanted to help. but how i asked my self?

the fisherman wuldnt let me take her away,sudenly the fisherman Became the bad guy, i waz pissed, i wantet to hurt the fisherman, i wanted to save the lil girl and run. run away.

then sudenly my mind clicked back inn and i realized im in a fucking bathroom with my cock hanging out, staring at some crazy ass pic and talking to my self. Wow!
i thot i needet to geta fuck outa this house, i wanted to go away, i dint care where i juss wanted to go.

so i teleport my self to the sink,and satrted refreashing my face. i looked in the mirror and Shit, i waz amazed, it waz me, stering at me, but me waznt me, it waz someone alse, i started grabbing partz of my face cuz thay were ubnormal fore some reason grabbing my face felt cool, my reflection clearly told me my nose waz bout to burst and my earz were sharp and pointy, i looked like some fucking dworf.

i freaked out, and ran out of the bathroom into the kitchen and the dope basterd and my best friend ware there discussing some shit.
aperently thay forgot i waz even there, and aperently i waz in the bathroom for 2 h and thay culdnt find me..
but thay were acting starnge i thot.

my bets friendz head kinda looked like Mr.scull head form the Anamaniacs cartoonz, and the dope basterd heavely remindet me of chewbacca, not only that!! i realized i didnt understand a word thare saying.

again i waz cunfuzed and scared,were talkign bout me? paranoid thotz were in the air. i desidet to hide on the balcony so i did.

lit up a smoke and started looking downstarez,it waz like 14 floorz down, down there ther waz this park, i normaly go thrue that parck evryday to get to my friendz house cuz it waz a short cut.

but the park looked diferent,the treez were bursting with green like fucking nuklear exposionz,i sudenly craved the park, i wanted to go, it looked fun,i wanted to do fun thing.

i waz amazed the way the treez were caling me. something snaped in my head and i wanted to go to the fucking park and 4am.

but my best friend and dope basterd were out there in the kitchen, they were wating for me, i know it.

I somehow had to get passed them.
But thay found me. thay came on the balcony too and asked if i waz ok, i sed im fine like alwayz, all thow i waz fucked out of my scull, then the Dope basterd sked me and my best friend if we wana go to P1 and check out hiz new car.

for some fucking reason i agreed.
the minute we steped out of the houz the whole vibe had changed, evrything looked diferent my whole trip, my thots my mood sudenly changed i waz smiling , i waz redy to explore,so we whent to da elivator.
the hallz in the building where white , that comfort me, it felt good.

so to make long story short. we seen the car, i had some more creazy tripz bout the car,

Then thay whent home and i endet up walking thrue the park at 5am , it waz bout 2h walk cuz i lived far and busses warent running until 6 am
and i waz to fucked to stant at the busstop and wait for the buss, so i walket home.

Then got home at like 6;30 am and fell asleep watching Transformers.. the next day i woke up and LOL, got some more shroomz and fell in love with Hallusinogenz ever since!!

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