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I Tripped In School

background info : im a 16 year old male in new jersey in 11th grade on the date of this writing 12-2-98 this trip took place last tuesday.

background info : im a 16 year old male in new jersey in 11th grade on the date of this writing 12-2-98 this trip took place last tuesday. i was a big pothead, but i had a girlfriend that didnt want me doing drugs so i stopped cause i really cared about her. she left me so now im going back to drugs.

Well, it was my second trip on shrooms. Me and my friend went ½ on a ¼ of shrooms. We got them before 4th period and I met up with him. We had Photography class after that, so we went into the darkroom and munched down on our bags. I was really pissed cause that period had come and gone and i wasnt tripping yet. Next period was Psychology. I get to that class and we are watching a movie that day. Slowly I felt the trip coming on. Midway through that class the edge of the bulleton board starts waving and i am seeing all kinds of swirly visuals. Spiral blackholes in the ceiling and floors. Trails were coming off everything. Every person in that room had a orangy kinda glow to them, in fact, everything i really looked at had a redish orange glow around it. That movie was on the brain and it had all this weird computer animation in it. Lets just say it was rad. Ok, Next period, English class. between classes i go to my locker with a huge smile on my face and my friend asked me what was up. i told her and she staring buggin me out. She just happens to be in my next class and bugs me through the whole time. She sits behind me. Class starts. The teacher is glowing orange and green. I just laugh. Shannon (my friend) starts bugging me out really bad, throwing her hand in my face, talking and leaving out words. I scream in the middle of class. I am completly oblivious to what is going on in class. The teacher asks me whats up i tell her that shannon pinched me. Shannon got yelled at. I laughed the whole time. right after that i start peakin out. i saw some weird color blobs coming out of the chalkboard. Then the teacher decides to call on me because im not paying attention to her. bitch. if she only knew. well i find out its my turn to read a page in this stupid book. as im reading the letters are changing color as i go. i have to stop a few times and crack up. shannon get yelled at more. well then the letters start to look like they are cut out and pasted into the book not straightly. just imagine reading a book outloud so the class can hear while the letters are changing color and twisted around. it was, at the very least, interesting. i got through it tho, then i asked to go to the bathroom. giggleing the whole way. well i leave class with my pass, i come back 13 minutes later. the teacher said i was gone to long. this weirdo made me write im sorry 130 times. 10 times for every minute i miss. fucking whore. writing was interesting, especially at peak. now keep in mind that i have a huge grin on my face and im giggling nonstop. as im writing in my blue ink, the letters begin to glow. thank god class was over now. i go to lunch, i just sit at any table and stare. some girl asked me if i was ok. i told her to get the hell away from me. i watched my friend eat lunch, it was crawling around and other weird shit. i was totally peaked now. the floor was warped and bending. i saw an occasinal face in the brick wall. lunch was just spent sitting and staring. at what? i cant even remember. next class is math... now most people i know, know that im tripping so they of course bug me out more. HEY MAN! they would come up behind me and yell in my face. i wanted to cry. i screamed and ran to my math class. the teacher asked what was wrong and also asked why i was early to class. i told her that its a joke between me and my friends and because i needed to do my homework for her class. lemme tell you, interaction w/ authority is bad. I had a test that day. i watched the page, and my mind just refused to work. i failed with a miserable zero. all my answers were in picture form. i dont even remember what i was thinking. a big happy face standing on a fish was the answer to number 1. this is algebra 2. she let me take the test over on a different day though. i just continued to be "out of it" all day. i just sat in the back and wondered about odd things. i was coming down and i knew it so i was pissed about that. before i knew it class was over. i cut last period, study hall, and just walked around outside. i was coming down quick. i just felt stoned. on the bus i fell asleep, some chick woke me up at my stop. i walked home, ate, and went to sleep. sound like fun? it is. i recommend everyone trip in school at least once.


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