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The Good, the bad, the FUCKEd up

Well me and my 2 friends decided to do shrooms one day, my second time there first.

Well me and my 2 friends decided to do shrooms one day, my second time there first. We each took and 1/8 and after a half hour were startin to trip. My stepdad came in my room and talked about i have no idea. I do remeber him bringing in the dog and saying looove tyson love him over and over. He left and for 5 hours we tripped hard, well we had on bad boys 2 and the voices were echoing and going in slow motion, and the bulltes on tv were going by super slow. Well evetully we turned it off. I had a lava lamp on and i remember the room was like goo it was all wavy and the walls were shrinking. I went to go pee and i thought the toilet was a big swimming pool, i almost jumped in but didnt want to get wet. I then walked around for awile in my basement i felt like a miget the walls were so high up. Then i went back to the shroom room. My frineds were laying there trippin out hard i couldnt even talk to them. in this room we had a big pallet laid out with like hundred blankets and pillows so i laid down on em and felt like i was on clouds and floating. My friend J, hadnt said anything for a few hours so i tried to talk to him but he just laid there. Then he got up and started walking around like something bad happened, he started twitching and spittin everywhere, then he ran outside in the snow and walked around barefoot and no sweater for like ten minutes, this is gettin super scarry for me cuz i was still trippin hard. he went back to my basement and stood there spittin and freakin out then i saw him reach for his keys, i wrestled with him and tried to get the keys back but he kept punching me, there was nothing i could do to stop him i tried everything, fortuanally he got stuck in my ditch and couldnt go anywhere.. then some one tried to help him but J got in his car and slammed it into the ditch as well. The cops and ambulance came and we fount out he was allergic to shrooms, and thats what triggered the bad trip. Well everyones fine and there wasnt much damage done, we wernet arested or anything. But seriously, all you people need to be careful when shroomin. There fun, but use em wisely...

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