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The golden virus

Male, Age 21 75Kg ~4-5gr dried cubensis material potent home-grown strain ingested in a light tomato soup after 12h of fasting I´m a very rational man, sometimes even overanalyzing things, i admit that.

Male, Age 21 75Kg
~4-5gr dried cubensis material potent home-grown strain
ingested in a light tomato soup after 12h of fasting

I´m a very rational man, sometimes even overanalyzing things, i admit that.
I got quite a lot of trips at all levels on my back, but normally i prefer the higher levels more than the lower ones.
I dream lucid regularly and even if not my dreams are usually very vivid and i can remember almost all of them with great detail.
This helps me with trip details aswell.
This encounter happened around 3 months ago around the middle of the peak of at least a solid lvl 4 trip.
This trip took place in my room, alone in complete darkness with some triptoys prepared (but not used).
On higher doses i trip usually alone with ear-plugs, since other people usually bother me and i don´t want to be disturbed during the experience.
My mind is very strong and i am quite able to compete with everything my subcvonciousness is throwing at me (got well through some not so nice trips with mental focussing)

This is just the main peak of the trip, as the rest was quite normal.

Me, or the thing that would normally percieve itself as me was lieing on his bed enjoying the marvellous poster on the ceiling:
i got this in very high quality sized 4m x 0,8m
When i suddely heard a sharp breaking noise somewhere on my left.
I turned the flashlight i was illuminating stuff with off and looked.
Every outline was bending and glimmering with a golden glow like there was a very fine lumeniscent dust over everything.
I stood up, to get a better view, but suddenly i was sucked into that light through a spiral of intertwined white and black lines, my body completly gone.
Floating in a huge dark grey sphere filled with whispers and moving black patterns i saw a shining object in the distance.
Traveling through this un-space with merely a thought i aproached what seemed to be a huge portal, but instead of doors there was a giant mirror.
I stood in the nothingness and gazed on this miracle taking up all my mind, the real world completly forgotten.
In the mirror i saw behind my twisted self a giant golden palace made of what seemed crystals.
It was changing shape at an undeterminable speed but always in a seemingly perfect shape.
Light fell from nowhere on these golden spikes and curls and was reflected like a prism shwoing all colors of the rainbow and even some i have never seen before and simply cannot describe.
It was one of the most beutiful views i have ever seen.

When i turned around, there was nothing only the moving darkness of the void.
As i looked into the mirror again it had gone dull and i couldn´t even see myself anymore.
I don´t know why i did it but i touched this giant portal.
I heard a sharp crack again, just like the first one, the breaking of glass.
The mirror burst and out of the cracks came like hot steam, Time.
The thing seemed to be eternity now broken by me into moments of history.
I saw my reflection in each of this shards and lived through every of these recorded moments of frozen time.
One by one they vanished after i had seen through them.
I felt myself shattered on the inside since n othing seemed to make any sense anymore.
After a time that seemed like eternity only one shard was left.
It expanded until it formed a solid refelcting ground und a black sky.
Not far from me on the other side of the portal i saw that palace again, now forming with its reflection a perfect circle of moving color and matter.
i approached it mesmerized but with caution.
It gates stood wide open and i gazed inside. The whole place seemed to be alive, seemed to be one, reacting to my very own thoughts, but not only reacting, interacting.
I approached the gates when there was this person or better a presence.
behind it i saw people who were not really people walking in that thing, it was the being itself in its many forms.
The presence blocked my path and as i focused on it it spoke to me.
"I cannot let you pass, you are not golden"

This struck me like a black spear deeply inside, i felt repelled and the entity was moving quickly away from me.
I couldn´t do anything, but it didn´t leave me.
I stayed like a sattelite in its orbit and i learned.
It called itself the golden virus.
It was not the only, there were others but they were all the same.
They searched for something since time begun(was created?)
It lives in the space between matter, basically cementing the universe together.
It moves not only in space but also in time (3 time dimensions, forward, like we do, backwards and sidewards (very hard to describe, like you stay in the now forever and move in space dimension, but the other you´s that inhabit that now also continue to exist, sorry i lack any better explanation))
It works like a virus multiplying at every junction in reality, givijg and taking from everything it comes in contact with.
It collects sentinence for some reason unknown, some higher project.
When two of them meet at a conjunction they exchange the information they have gathered, they basically harvest the universe for information and then update their unificated database that exists in everyone of them.

(There is much more stuff in my mind but i can´t sort it out properly right now, might update this list when i get to access it.)

Then it sent me back, leaving me in my body for the time being, but staying with me in a corner of my mind.
I was lieing on my bed, the darkness of my room and the whispers of the drug filled my mind once more.

I hope that one day i can rightfully say: "I am golden!"

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