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The Glowing People

First the dose or should I call it a over dose when I ingested aprox.

First the dose or should I call it a over dose when I ingested aprox. 7 grams of mushrooms and a tab of x. The mushrooms where of the Ecuador strain (from RycheHawkseye) and a tab called a clover, which just refers to the shape. My friends were only on around 2 to 3 grams of mushrooms a piece so I was way beyond thier trip. I took the dose around 8:00 pm and the effects came on in a short 20 min. I found myself unable to focus and seeing tracers dance around my head. Then after about an hour after this coalition of tracers it happened. A giant black lite figure aproached me speaking an unkown language. All I could do was sit back and wonder what strange world I had ventured into. I completly loss control of my senses. More of these glowing wonders walked around and sat next to me. I tried to figure out their language but it was just so foreign to me. The x also took effect and I just started to floated around these different rooms each filled with the glowing beings. I came down about 8 hrs later and it was like i awoke from a dream and everything was back to normal. My friends said that I mummbled through out the night about not knowing what they were or where they came from. The floating part was them helping me walk around because it was like I could not walk or something. First timers beware of this kind of dose start slow and work your way up. Next time I'm going for a small dose of ten grams hey maybe I'll see God this time and he'll tell me the meaning of life

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