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The first time my ego was gone and so was i

Well the day started off as any other friday would, kickin it with my homies tryin to score some good smoke and some mushies or lsd.

Well the day started off as any other friday would, kickin it with my homies tryin to score some good smoke and some mushies or lsd. so anyways, after about an hour of wating my friend calls me up and says hes coming over with her really good friend. we'll call him shaggy. anyways she came over with her bf and brought the fungus. what i got as an added bonus was my mushroom cap soaked in pure liquid lsd. the kindl;y hippy told me "crucial warning dude, take one" me wanting all the answers and the trip of my life didnt listein. right after i made my purchase i took my share and my friend e. parker came over and got his share for our trip. this being his first i was exited to be doing it with a good friend. we had no worries untill i called my she friend sam back and told her how much i took. i told her i took 2 of the freshly soaked caps which her kindly friend so gracisiously drenched with lcuy from his eye dropper, she said "DUDE YOU'RE GUNNA DIE MAN" i at this point was coming up and about ready to know more than i wanted to know. so it started kicking in at about after 5 pm like 15 minutes after ingestion. i hung up the phone, i hung up on my friend and started to flip. apparently one cannot know the potencey of liquid lsd, ecspecially when the medium used to sok it up isnt blotter but a dried up sponge like shroom that can hold wayyy to much. after she told em that it all went wrong, she was sorley uneducated about set and setting. shes more of a do it because you see stuff tripper but i didnt know at this point, i didnt know anything, i thought i was curley going to die. as soon as i began to peak my other friend came over for his hook up, which i gave despite not knowing how strong they were. his dad a good family friend and experanced tripper was talking to me at the point of pure insanity. i couldnt really understand it but i was loving it and hating it at the same time. my legs where shaking so bad so fast and intense. anwyays they left by which point i was talking on the phone with my friends dad, keep in mind hes still at my house and what he's sayin dosnt make any sense. a complete auditory mind fuck hit me. sounds were too intense. i could still hear my bob marley playing while it was turned all the way down. if i walked it hurt because of my sensitivity to touch,feel,sound and smell. my trip set in and i had ot lay down, at which point i started to have the illusion that i was out of my body and i remember looking down on myself with emt's all around me with e parker and my dad crying and trippin. i remember being reborn and dying like countless times. i woke up at one point in a paralyzed state with full consiousness but no movement. i seemed to be in a body bag or on the verge of death(soul parting with the body) my brain ddint know which way to go. i seem to remember the feeling of some ominpitant force calling me to go, i wanted to go somewhere but i didnt know where at the same time i was scared of the concequencess that my death would bring and if not what my mental state was going to be in after this. i was trippin my world apart. no words at all will ever explain. i tried to ask for help, well yell for help to my friend eric and all i heard from his mouth when he talked was fucked up tongues and jibberish with weird sound pitches and stuff. i remember re-living momments like some odd times in a row dejavu.this went on for what seemed like eternity. i felt hell and heaven. my ego shattered. i had a mary jane plant in my closest by which point i wasnt me, i was under the impression that i was my dad and that i was sick of the pot smoking drug use lol i remember running over to the plant and ripping it out of the pot. i remember holding it right after i ripped it out, at which point i came back. during the trip i remember feeling the shock things that emt's due to you when they yell clear. after i started to come back down but not much, my friends sam and he bf came back to msoke with me. i remember sitting on the bed and smoking but what was weird was time sped up like fast so fast, everything looked liek it was in the fast forward motion. hwne i smoked my cigs they seemed to blow away with the breeeze and then refill itself all over again. i started to flip out cuz they brough along 2 guys whom i didnt know. so i freaked again. they left but they said theyd be back alone when i was back to myself sorta. my friend e parker left, his wife called him of all then nights and he drove home frying off his nutts. how he made it home safe i do not know. i was alone at which point my saving grace popped in. my dad all this time i was scared and freaking out wanting my dad. i calmed down and came back but i was still goin hard. i was listeinging to marley and i heard theb eats but his lyrics were backwards. it was the african herbsman cd. i remember before my trip when it started hitting me hard i remember shouting out "fuck me fuck fuck me", " i fucked myself", "i wasnt ment to know this" and many other things. i lost my ego that night, along with my fear. i gained every answer to my questions, i love life more now than ever. i am one step closer to becoming awake. i took that stuff at 5 and it kicked in at 6pm and lasted till 5 am till i went to sleep, granted i coulda stayed up fryin for wayyy longer as im known to not sleep when im fryin but that one took to much outta me. plus after i came back i chilled with some goagil trance music and i smoked alot of weed to calm myself but im back and im better than ever. my intelligence seemed to increase aswell as my wisdom, tho i have far too much more to learn~~

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