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the first existense

i never had tripped before but i did smoke grass all the time.

i never had tripped before but i did smoke grass all the time... last year i had a scholarship to germany,,, from writing some report. while in germany,, me and my host family took a trip to amsterdam. me and my older brother stephan decided to ditch the parents,,, listening to them tell us to stay clean,,,, we went to smokey joes coffee shop. bought some crytally skunk, then to the mushroom gallery. i bought an eighth of strphania cubensis.. we smuggled them back in our shampoo bottles. we ate at a campground in idstein. i really didn't know what to expect, i imagined colorful objects and obscurities. we ate and i chewed for like five minutes, then smoked a couple joints and drank some water. i felt good and warm spritual. i walked to a picnic table and sat down. i saw these ocagons come out of the grain in the wood and take shapes of women, and vw bugs then bees. i knew i was in more than i wanted to be. it was crazy these out of all the other things i could be thinkin of. i decided to watch the grain up close,,, it waved in and out like water so glorious, so like a pitch full. bitchin.
then names flew from the carvings swichen sides fast, with names of me and friends and people i didn't know. i went to piss, i was pissing and everything was totally numb and lifeless, felt warm on my leg,, but i wasn't pissin on me.. crazy, i looked down,,two trolls grow from the soil in red and brown, yellw hardcore teeth sick man all jagged, they grow till i blink then stare at me. there hands where twigs stretched like clay there eyes just so evil,,, i zipped up so fast,,, my host brother trips on shrooms all the time and was basically normal i ran and tried to hide in the sleeve of his jacket,,,,doesn't work... we decided to walk home, then i said we can't i;m seeing shit... we decided to rest in a thick grass field. i layed in the grass saw the green, the my life,, i switched from past to future saw my self old,, i couldn't tell if my eyes were open or closed. i was really scared couldn't tell if i were breathing or holding my fluids,,, i was thank god. i went into another worl while laying down, i left my body to see it below, someone held me and guded me through places invisibly,, i think it was my soul. it brought me to suicides of myself repeatedly that i had never seen, to love that i had never met. then all over so many places so many frames and pieces of my mind everywhere all here a little place. at one point i was brought to hell where i stood before satan, his eyes glowed with fire, he had shit brown everywhere, snakes and shit comin in and out of his skull horns with animals of death all over, so not here man,.. i was so scared,,, thank god i couldn't tell if my eyes were open or closed. he looked and described my soul to his standards,,, next i woke-up, very fucked up,,,,the field was smooth, and soft.. it smelled sweet, i stood to find my host brother,, i saw my self come back from a trip that was so intense, in the first 20 minutes i would never had done it again,,, 3 hours later,, i was ready for another eighth..i saw so much that was unbelievable. i felt a friend,, there was a guardian that brought me throuugh and traveled with me,, sorry for misspellings and bad grammar...i haven't tripped since,, i want to trip once more on another 8th,,,, then get a hold on some peyote,, that will be the end.

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