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The Entities Speak

This was the most intense trip i have experienced in my life.

This was the most intense trip i have experienced in my life. I ate 10 grahms of dried shrooms. I'm not sure what kind they were exactly but they were very potent. After about twenty minits the distainct shroom buzz set in. I moment later i was misinterpreting the passage of time. A second seemed like a minit and so on. Soon i was seeing strong visuals: Colours like clouds, and melting walls to my surprise. I was mad tripping in an hour and i was starring into my fireplace. I began having what i thought were divine visions. That the world was going to end by human wrought chaos. It was an awsome experience. Then in the reflection of the fireplace glass i saw movment. While looking at the reflection i saw misty gray shapes the look like gray praying mantises, but with huge eyes, not compound eyes. When i turned around i didn't see anything. But i saw them as a reflection every time. There were three of them there. So i stared at the reflection. After a few minits they started to speak to me. What they said is amazing but confusing.
This is what they said:
"Trinity is all things, we are, have been, and will be, just as the three layers of reality"
"We are not a dream, and we are not real, at least not to you"
"There are borders in your existance which can be crossed, everything is real on it's own, it is only when the realities transgress one another that you can see the rest of what is real"
"We are one with you, woth your dreams and with everything around you, the earth, the elements, everything is the same in a different way"
"Do not waste this knowledge, we will come again"

IT was amazing, scary as hell but amzing. After they finished talking they faded away. I became incapable of moving and lay stunned on my back watching my celing breath and melt and i felt very discontent. I was sad. It was like i missed the presence of the entities, yet i was afraid of them at the same time.
I fell asleep soon and did not dream. The next day i awoke mentaly and physicaly exhausted.
I belive that these entities were not simply a figment of my imagination. there was somthing so definitive and real about them that they had to truely exsist on some level.
In any case i;d like to know if anyone has ever talked to such entities before and what they said. i want to learn more.

Happy Tripping

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