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The Earth Will Die..

For starters, let me just say that this experience took place many weeks ago, but Im STILL having visions of it; strange as that might be.

For starters, let me just say that this experience took place many weeks ago, but Im STILL having visions of it; strange as that might be. I consider myself to be a vetran Psychonaut and so, with that confidence, I decided to push my next trip to the ultimate limit possible. I don't enjoy going over a level 2 trip with other people because the fabric of reality becomes so loose that having others around becomes meaningless; you don't notice them at all while your mind floats in inner-space. So, for this journey I would go alone. No music, no lights, and no interruptions. Just me and the silence to enhance my thoughts without textile or auditory distractions. I didn't have a specific destination, but I knew that I wanted to journey farther than I ever had. Around 8:00 at night, I took a warm shower and dressed loosely and began to eat some newly dried cubensis from my latest harvest. I ate them by themselves to savor the taste (I know; Im wierd because I actually like the taste =P ). 30 minutes later, the typicall body high kicked in as I layed down in the middle of the floor. My pulse was racing and my hands were sweating. I finished my last shroom around 8:50. I ate around 19 grams altogether in about a 30-40 minute period. At once I noticed the effects of the large dose (my usual dose is around 10-13 grams). The usual pattern formations and auditory enhancements were altogether skipped! I was immediately transported into inner-space without any warning. I was hurtling towards the center of the universe beyond the speed of light. As usual, time became meaningless; as so did my body and life back on Earth. Suddenly, I was approaching what I thought to be a Kerr Black Hole...slowly rotating counter clockwise...trapping everything imaginable. Faster and faster I approached it and then, as I passed the Event Horizon, I twisted into the singularity and was removed from the rules of physics of this universe. All was dark and painfully quiet, yet I felt no fear. I knew I wasn't dead or in heaven or something along religious lines; I just knew I was in an area beyond existence....but there was something there with me. "It" had no body or form. It appeared as a floating sphere; gently floating about 10 feet above me (or so I percieved). It pulsated a cool, bluish light that illuminated the shiny, black surface I was laying on (whether the surface was rock or metal, I have no idea). The sphere pulsated more intensly and that is when I became aware that it was actually communicating with me. No words or language; just a tingly feeling in stomach relayed to me information I could understand. I was shown far off visions; very distant and foggy, but still clear enough to understand. It showed me Earth of the far future. Man had put his differences aside enough not to destroy themselves, but something was wrong. It wasn't a utopian society that many invision, but a dark place with massive buildings and lights. Then another vision flashed in my mind of fleets upon fleets of Human manned starships...millions of them orbiting Mars. The ships were huge beyond belief and each were shaped like gigantic ovals, or something close to that. Then that vision fadded and another took its place as before. Now the huge armada of ships were engaging other ships of unknown origin. They were manned by other creatures that I couldn't make out; or the orb was simply not allowing me to see them. Explosions racked both sides as many ships were torn apart by weapons I cannot begin to describe or understand. My eyes grew larger and larger with awe and fear as I saw countless people dying and attempting to save themselves. Small fighters zoomed all around the general space, engaging in a dance of death with their opponents. Then with one last, large explosion, the vision ended. The orb seemed to grow very dim...as it was almost sad. Years, eons, epochs passed while I waited for the next vision. Then the orb sparked back to life brilliantly, as if made from pure blue fire. Then the final image entered my brain...and it was terrible beyond thought. The previous millions of Earth ships were dwindled to a mere handfull now and were all orbiting what appeared to be Earth. Surrounding them and the planet were the alien ships from before, but only this time they outnumbered the Human ships 1,000,000 to one. Space was cholked with ships manned by unknown lifeforms with unknown technology, and I could feel all their malice directed towards the Earth. Our ships began to put up a final, but utile defense and were quickly ignored. As our ships were annihlated I saw quick visions of countless crew members in elaborate uniforms dying and trying to tend the wounded. I saw solemn captains saluting an image of the Earth as their ships were blasted into a million fragments. I also heard one lady...dressed more elaborately than all the others reaching her hand out to the planet and crying "Save my family!!" Then her along with her ship and companions died in a brilliant explosion...yet silent in the vastness of space. Then the alien ships bombarded the Earth time and time again with countless flashes of light (maybe lasers actually exist in the future?). Then the vision slowly faded from view, almost like it was moving into the distance. As it faded I could see the Earth being torn to pieces and then the vision stopped. I began to cry...not out of fear, but out of genuwine grief for my planet. What did we do to deserve this in the future? I asked this quietly to the orb, but it began to slowly move away as well. But, before it left my field of vision, it relayed one last message to me which I will never forget...it said "Yours is the last generation of peace...enjoy it while you may." And then nothing. I felt the sensation of moving again and light began to return. I left the Black Hole faster than I arrived in it! I screamed back through time and space to the Earth; watching the small planet grow larger and larger by the second. Then I was myself again. No longer was I in space, but I was just a simple man staring at the ceiling. The following hours passed with the usual euphoric feelings, but I paid them no attention. I was too busy with my own thoughts to care about much of anything. Was this just another "trip" or was it an actual omen of some sorts? My usual trips are intense, but always...well...shroomy. This trip was all together too real! While on shrooms, your everyday color scheme grows distorted, but not in this case. All the colors were correct and not overly bright. It was like nothing I can ever explain and I'm still having visions of the experience in my dreams. I don't think Ill use mushrooms again for a long time. I think I discovered something that was best left alone. I don't really know what to think actually. I would really like to know if anyone else has experienced this...because it was too real for me. Thank you for reading.

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