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the black out

it was july 1st, canada day.

it was july 1st, canada day. my friend was having a party his house and i had bought a quarter of an ounce of shrooms for

the occasion. i hadn't planned on eating them all, of course, i had wanted to sell a few. well the party got under way and i

ate a few pieces of dried out shrooms. this was a day long party and i wanted to start out with a light buzz. my friends

and i smoked a few joints. the party was chillin. i ended up selling three of the grams to other kids in the late afternoon

and i decided i would eat some more. i wasn't feeling all that high (i hadn't had very many anyways) so i had some more.

i just kept munching on those shrooms , i don't mind the taste and always had a beer to wash it down with. i started to feel

pretty good but for some reason i just kept eating them....a little bit here and a little bit there, puffing a joint here and

puffing a joint there. i had them all loose in the

bag so i couldn't really keep track of how much i was eating. it started to thunderstorm so my friend and i headed outside

to enjoy the rain and watch the wonderful lightening show. i looked at my bag and there wasn't much left so i decided to

finish them up. what could it hurt i thought....no sense in keeping a few tiny bits. we were standing out in the street when

two more of my

friends joined us. at this point we were standing at the side of this guy's house getting totally soaked when i started to feel


strange....like i had really bad butterflies in my stomach or something. i thought that it was just that i was getting really

high (which i suppose i was) but then things started going funny in my head too. i could hear sounds that weren't

happening around me, i was having strange hallucinations. all this happened in a matter of seconds. i wanted to tell my

friend that something was wrong but i had no voice...i was paralyzed. the next things i see is a brick wall and then just

hallucinations in my head......but i can't see or hear anything.....it's just colours swirling and swirling. i opened my eyes

only to see my friends looking down at me lying on the ground. they kept saying "hey are you ok? are you alright? can

you hear me?" i couldn't answer.

i tried to stand up but i fell back....my friend helped me up and i vomited. my other friend said to me "you are bleeding

really bad....you should inside." i went into the bathroom and looked at my face. i was all scraped up on my

forehead, mouth and chin.....apparently i had crashed face first into a brick wall. all these people were around me and i

didn't know what was going on. when i looked at myself in the mirror everything was moving and becoming all warped.

all my friends were around me. they looked so strange and surreal...like they were a movie and i was watching it from

inside my head.

it felt like there was a million people around me, each saying a different thing, and i couldn't understand any of it. at this

point i got really paranoid. i started to think that maybe i was going to die or overdose, or that i would be arrested if i had

to go to the hospital. i don't think i have ever been that high before. i stayed high for at least five hours after that. once

my face was cleaned up and i calmed down i went back to the party. the "accident" left me with a pinkish little scars on


chin and forehead and i had to lie to my parents and to my work about how i got the injuries. overall it was a good night

and i lived to shroom again.

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