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First off let me say that trips of any kind are nothing out of the ordinary for me, I am an addict, or at least was until this day, I guess Ill start from the beginning.

First off let me say that trips of any kind are nothing out of the ordinary for me, I am an addict, or at least was until this day, I guess Ill start from the beginning.
I worked the night crew at a local retailer, and it was friday morning, god i loved fridays, as everyone i worked with was into heavy tripping, and loud parties, there was always something happening on friday, that morning, as usual i was going to crash a my buddy's place, in the after noon we were going to go to a party. Right before we left the girl whose party it was said to show up around 6 and that there would be a suprise, me an my buddy thought it sounded interesting and said we would be there and we went home and smoked a blunt and went to bed.


We arrived at the party already lit right up and ready to go, we got in the door and penny ( thats the girl) said that she had made dinner for us all and that was the suprise, me and my buddy thought what the fuck?? anyway everyone was there and we all ate, i unfortunatly ate lots.
After we ate we smoked a big fatty, and the music started and penny told us that she had put alot of shrooms in the food, we all laughed and were very excited for the unexpected trip, what a bonus right? WRONG!!!
Mine started to kick in about ten minutes after i found out, It was very slow at first, everybody else started thier trip, and before i knew it i was totaly fucked, I looked over at my friend and told him that i wasnt feeling very good and went to the bathroom, where i threw up heavily, then proceeded to get into a fight with my puke, i looked into the toilet and i could swear the toilet was telling me that i was a pussy for puking, i turned the lights off and curled up into a ball, i thought i was in jail and was screaming at the toilet to shut up, the walls were pulsating and i could hear air rushing all around me as though i was on the edge of a building. After a while my buddy Joe was pounding on the door asking me if i was ok i suddenly snapped out of it and said yeah, opened the door and went downstairs, what a mess that was. Everone was completely mangled on shrooms, crying, flipping and one girl was even pulling her hair out. I sat down next to joe and turned on the tv, all of the sudden i was in the tv and getting interogated by hitler, i was defending my right to wear shoes in public, my hair was melting, i could even hear my brain cracking open, I could see lights everywhere, all of the sudden i had a momentary attack of sanity, i looked a joe and said that i had to go for a walk and i did, I looked at my watch and 3 hours had passed, but it i couldnt really tell because you see at this point i was running from the people under the stairs.
I had conversatins that night with all kinds of people that were not really there, and anyway i got back to pennys house a few hours later and ate some more, STUPID STUPID me
anyway all of the sudden i was high again and penny told me to take my pants down and stand in front of here, and the rest is history.. I woke up the next morning and i was scared for at least a week after and have never touched them since 2 years and counting

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