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The big shoot out

Well my day started off like most other days.

Well my day started off like most other days. I woke up had
a bowl of cereal and watched some tv. Later on that day a
friend called me up and asked me what i was up to. I replied
not much just lounging around. He asked if i wanted some
"premo boomers", I replied, "how much it cost and how much
you got"

Well one thing i need to mention about this guy is that if he has a 1/8 of some ditch weed he will say he has a 1/4 bag of some premo skunk buds. Well i was bored and had nothing else to do so i said bring them over and we will decide a price.

He came over and he had a decent sized bag of shrooms..I
would guess around 16-18 grams. He claimed they were "THE SHIT"

Well i never really believe anything this kid says so i said
lets test them out tonight. It was a saturday night and my parents were at the bar as usual so we decided that we would stay at my house that night and "trip"..

Then Will (that is the kids name) decides to call up some people and that we were going to have a party. i didnt really mind so i said yeah whatever man..

It was about 6:30 at night and i decided i was going to dose now...unlike most peopel i like shrooms sure they taste a little funny at first, but i like them....and i just drink a glass of some thick chocolate milk to wash out that after taste. so anyways i eat about 4 grams to start off with then about 15 minutes later i was like these are from Will what the hell am i thinking i want to actually trip so i ate about 6-7 more grams..

Around that time about 20-30 people had come over i didnt even know most of them. Then around 7:15 i started to feel "funny".

Someone had found my stereo and had that damn thing pounding away and i noticed the door to the bathroom was breathing in and out to the music..This surprised me because i kept thinkink Will and good shrooms...hmm its not possible.. But as i was thinking to myself for a long while or so i thought..... only 8 minutes had passed..i thought it was around 1:00 in the morning but it was only 7:25..By this time i knew i was in for a long weird night...

So i sat down on the couch and kicked on the trusty TV and thought to myself i will just sit here and relax and have a good time..

The next thing i remembered is my mom yelling at me and i was laying in the back yard with a shovel in my hand and i was all cut up and had lots of briuses on me.. I was like what the fuck happened.

She asked me if someone had broken into our house while they
were gone and destroyed it. I didnt know what to say and didnt know what she was talking about. Then as we walked into the house i understood. The Tv looked like it was in a world war or something and there was dirt all over it and the entire room was detroyed. I really had no idea what the hell happended so i just stood there with a dumb look on my face.

Her and my Dad were debating if they should call the cops or not but i ensured them i would find out what happened and who did it so they said OK but if you dont find out what the hell happened we are calling them tomorrow morning.
i agreed to this and gave Will a call.

While talking to Will everything came back sort of and i remebered what happened.
From what i remember someone was standing in front of me yelling at me then they said i had 3 seconds to get the hell out of my house or they were going to pump me full of lead. At this time i went and got a hammer from the kitchen in the junk drawer walked back into the living room and i hit the guy. but he kept laughing at me...so i returned his laughter with vengence. i hit that guy about 50 times at least and then he through some kind of bomb at me so i threw the hammer through the side window and jumped out of it. Then i heard all of his friends comming after me so i found the hammer again and ran back in to get them. I went in and i could hear lots of gun shots but i didnt see anyone so i thought they were hiding in the wall so i started to hit the wall trying to get them but then it all went black and there she was.
There was a angel hovering above me. We had a long talk about life and the sins i had commited. She said that i was safe now and that i could talk to the souls of those i had killed in the big shoot out. I walked back into the living room and there lied all the bodies scatterd on the floor and i sat there with them and pleaded for forgiveness and they said i was forgiven. I Still didnt feel right so i burried the bodies.
Well what Will says happend is that i was sitting on the couch in some sort of daze or something as he describes it. So some girl took the liberty of putting in the movie home alone. He said she asked me if i minded but i just sat there in a daze so she went ahead and put it in..Then he says i got up and stood in front of the TV and said what the hell did you say.he said i was argueing with the tv for about 2 minutes and then i walked into the kitchen and got out a hammer walked back into the living room and hit the TV. After that he said i went nuts on the TV he said i kept hitting it until the screen blew up then he said i broke the window with the hammer and jumped out. He said by this time almost everyone had left cause they thought i was crazy

Then he says i ran back in and started to look around then i smashed wholes in the wall with the hammer yelling at someone to stop shooting. He said he had never laughed so hard in his life but he said at the same time he was scared out of his mind. Then he said after that i layed on the floor and some girl wanted to see if i was ok so she sat over the top of me and started caring for my wounds. He said i kept calling her something but he didnt know what i was saying . Then he says I walked into the living room and started to mumble something and cry then i went outside and came in with a shovel full of dirt. He said i started to try to dig a whole to put what i was saying were bodies into it. He said he was laughing so hard at this time that his eyes were watering. He said i kept going outside and returning with dirt and kept throwing it on the TV. Then he said i finally passed out in the back yard and he went home.

Needless to say i will be buying my parents a new tv and will help fix the wall..One thing i have learned from all this is never underestimate the power of shrooms. And whoever made that damn home alone movie should be shot..Damn movie wrecked my house.

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