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The Best Experience ever

I had never tripped on mushrooms before, but i really wanted to.

I had never tripped on mushrooms before, but i really wanted to. I buy weed from this guy who trips on mushrooms as well as LSD and Ecstacy. I asked him if he could get me some mushrooms and he said he could. So I bought a shit load, and called up a few buddies of mine and my girlfriend. We planned a camping trip for the upcoming weekend so we could try the shrooms.
We departed saturday morning and hiked to this awesome lake and set up camp. once we had everything in order, we ate the shrooms. We each had about 4 stems and 4 caps give or take.
About an hour later we were sitting around the fire when I started to feel it kicking in. i couldn't really describe it but everything looked slightly different, like they had been painted instead of really being there. i think everyone else started to feel it because we all started laughing over my dog. he wasnt doing anything he was just sitting in a funky position. Then it really started to kick in. The trees and rocks around me started to move like they were "breathing" or something. A wave of happiness rushed through me and I fealt so lucky and so content. I fealt very Euphoric. When I looked at the stars I could see all the colours of the rainbow in them. I started hearing noises in my head that I can only compare to gospel singing mixed with laughing and wind. I was starting to come completely out of reality.
I started thinking deep thoughts about life and remembering quotes from books I had read. I read a lot of buddhist books by thick naht han and Dali lama and stuff. As i went over the concepts in my head it all made so much sense.
I suddenly realized I was still sitting around the campfire with my friends and girlfreind but no one was talking, i could tell that we were all tripping pretty hard. I looked over at my girlfriend and noticed how beautiful she is and how much i really love her. I touched her hand with mine and said that I loved her and always would. She started crying, not out of sadness but happiness and gave me a very passionate hug and kiss. I was becoming very horny. everytime she touched me in fealt as if it sent ripple throughout my entire body. i looked deep into her dialated eyes and I lost myself in her soul. I could feel my soul merging with hers through our eyes and our touch. I could tell what she was thinking as could she to me. I asked her lately if she fealt the same way and she said that she fealt as if she was me as well. It was as if we were telapathic.
A noise distracted me from my girlfriends eyes. It was my friend on the other side of the fire. He told me that we were all meant to be here together and that we were all the god of this forest. Im sure this may sound strange to you but i knew exactly what he was saying. I fealt as if i was god and i determined my fate. I again got lost in my own mind when my girlfriend broght me back with a kiss. Then she said that she wanted me, so we went into a tent and laid down.
We were both virgins, but it seemed that we both knew exactly what we were doing. My girlfriend told me that she read the kama sutra and knew some positions that she wanted to try, this was by far the best experience of my life. we had sex 5 times that night and 3 times the next day in the lake.
Over all the trip was a great success and will definately do shrooms again soon. It changed my life for the better

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