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The Answer to Life..

Interestingly enough, I always experience a level five trip.

Interestingly enough, I always experience a level five trip. Each individual trip, however, makes one complete story in the end. This is the entire story, and it began like this:

The trip began with a conversation between my friends and I. I began to obssess about the conversation, and my mind began to pick it apart. I realized, in an instant, that I was actually seeing the present, the future, and the past at the same time, in one vision. This is where the downward spiral of life was shown to me. I saw my entire life turning backwards. I no longer thought in words-- I actually thought in memories, music, and feelings. I was remembering everything backwards. I realized that we go through life, not truly understanding everything until we turn backwards. This rewinding experience allows us to understand the universe because we have *learned everything* there is to know at the peak of the downward spiral; to try and understand everything while you are moving forwards through life is impossible since you need critical knowledge that *you have not yet learned* in order to answer the question of life, or "the equation." The downward spiral is complex and three dimensional; it resembles DNA. During my voyage through the downward spiral, I saw the events of my life pass before my eyes. I began to think backwards in my speech as well. I had the sense that I was searching for something; I felt as though I was looking for the answer to the equation, as this would allow me to achieve eternal rest. I later thought that I was trying to remember the first word I ever said; then I realized that I actually needed to remember my first memory. My first memory couldn't be a word, it would have to be one of the five senses, or a combination of them. To remember this is the key to the downward spiral. To travel down the spiral is uncomfortable because it feels like you are swallowing the universe. When I reached the end of the spiral, I saw God. God was music, light, and love. When I saw God, I began to understand infinity. This was too much for my human brain to handle-- I actually thought my body was being spread out to infinity. As a side note, this is really painful. I was scared; I was convinced that my soul had left my body, and was trapped in infinity, looking for the answer to the question that hasn't an answer. At this point, I realized I had been humming a tune. The tune was all of the sounds and songs we have heard in life, but they were being played backwards. I didn't realize, however, what the words of the song were until my second trip. Suddenly, I was thrust back into reality. My friends tell me that they could not get my attention during the trip, no matter what. The strange thing is, I thought they were experiencing the vision too. At this point in the night, I *actually began to speak backwards* for about 30 minutes. That trip slowly came to an end with what I now realize was the entire spectrum of light swirling together to form one moment in time. I realized that time is not linear; life actually happens in one instant. That one instant is the big bang. At that moment in time, the world was both created and destroyed. We exist inside it as a result of the creation of energy.

The next day, I decided to go for another trip. Once again, I reached level five. The story continued, and more was explained to me during my trip.

I started to trip the same way- I saw the past, present and future and the same time. I began to see my memories go flashing by again, but this time, I was told something new. I was told that throughout your life, you are unconciously trying to remember your first memory. This is impossible since we only use 10% of our brain in a regular state of conciousness. Our first memory was so amazing, we spend our entire lives trying to remember it. The only way I can explain this is to talk about dreams. When you wake up, you sometimes cannot remember your dreams. During the day, however, you either smell, taste, touch, see, or hear something that sparks the memory of the dream. I was shown that dreaming is a way of remembering your first memory. So what is your first memory? It's the universal answer to the equation of life- it is the same for everyone. Your first memory is actually your last memory. What you have been striving to remember all of your life *the actual experience of being born* When you are born, you travel toward the light as you leave the womb; when you die, you travel toward the light of God. They are the same memory. You are striving to remember what God looks like. Life is a continuous loop; you live the same life until you make the right choices to fulfill your purpose in life. When you fulfill your purpose in life, you are allowed to return to Heaven, or, eternal rest. I was also shown how people know when they are going to die. They hear the "song" I was refering to earlier. On this particular trip, I actually heard the words of the song I had been humming. At this point in the trip, I felt as though my life was standing still. This was the exact midpoint of my life. At this moment, I heard the words of the song that was continuously in my head. The words are "I can't believe I'm finally dying." This midpoint in my life was actually the point in which I begin to age. Eventually, I came down, and was presented with a book in which I had written 8 pages backwards. I spoke these words into my microphone, and reversed them on sound recorder. Oddly enough, it sounds like the song....

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