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The 7 G Fiasco!!!

My friends and I had always been avid weed smokers and smoked about 4 to 5 times a day.

My friends and I had always been avid weed smokers and smoked about 4 to 5 times a day. Soon we got bored as the green started making me feel burnt. Like most normal people, as soon as your used to getting high, you want to get higher and higher, so you need to move onto drugs. This is how my friends and I first got into Shrooms.

One day at school Sean, Ryan, and Kerren( friends of mine)all decided that later on in the week, on Friday, we'd all go over to Kerren's house cuz his parents were away and he had the house to himself. We couldnt wait, when friday finally rolled around we were bouncing off the walls. I had picked up the shrooms at school that day just before our first break in a dangerous bathroom exchange. ( 2 guys in a stall looks kinda odd) Anyway, after schoolwe hopped into Kerrens car and took off feeling mighty good, on the way down i smoked a guy in the face with a small, stinging water balloon and alomst blinded him ;) funny shit, but a different story)

As we drove out to Kerrens house which was laid back in some mountains (Vancouver BC) we took out the bag and started examining the purchase. We coould see how good these shrooms were. We noticed the blue underbellys of the little bitches and noticed the smell was outrangeously powerful (which it is with most things grown in dung =>)

We arrived at his house and practically bolted towards the house. I thought "this shits gonna be real" and wanted a full evening of tripping madness to look forward to. It was about 6:00 PM Pacific time and the sun was just going down creating a spectacular sunset -with reds and yellows and purpples, great for triiping, try it-. So i wanted to pop em and chew right away to catch the display. Earlier we had pilfered a bottle of nasty navy scoth and drained it in the car, so we none-to-steadily dumped the shrooms into a coffee blender and grinded our mush into a fine powder.

As we watched our shrooms spin round into smaller bits, i realized i wanted a drink to kill the unfriendly taste of shrooms with it. I grabbed a coke ( Ryan took all the vodka >:( ). Told em all to watch as I poured the equivalent of 7 G's of Mushroom into my big mug of coke.

*Now, this was only my 4th time doing Shrooms, so i wasn't a pro, therefore did way to much for my body size (5"9) and weight. Not to mention to quickly)

As everyone watched and stared, i thought the best way to get this over with is to drain it and chew the pulpy aftermess. I did so, soon after my friends smartly decided to chew theres slowly and conserve them. I went downstairs and we drank some of Ryans vodka and smoked a J of some average weed. We started talking and joking around, when i noticed the first stages of gut-rot (an unpleasant nauseus feeling in your stomach induced by the digestion of mushroom) I faught through the feeling and stared at the trip poster on the wall. It was just starting to move. My friends and i sat transfixed for the better part of an hour watching the coulors and patterns swirl and dance. An unreal feeling descended. As if everything was fake. And we, were the only real things in a drawn in world.

I was sitting on the couch watching the seat fabric make a show for me, when i noticed my buddies heading upstairs to sit on the deck. I travelled up the stairs with them and started talking. Or so I thought. As it turns out, i was now unconcious. Lying in between the coffee table and the couch. Lying flat out on the floor. I had indeed seen my friends leave, as they later told me. But after that I didnt follow. In my unconcious state, i was holding conversations with my frinds, my eyes wide as dinner plates.

I talked to em, had actaul conversations. In my comatose dream, i thought we were laughing at stuff. My friends had come downstairs to check to see if everything was cosher with me. When they found me on the floor the other guys came in, Ryan was pretty bad, sitting there with his head down and eyes wide open stairing into his lap. But nobody was as bad as me. They poked and prodded and said the normal stuff any friend would say. "you okay man?" "eric, whats up!!" "dude, your fucked!" I could see them saying it. I could see their mouths moving. Then their voices drifted towards me 5 seconds later. I would echo what they said, for example: "Eric, man, you okay, holy shit man, seriously..." and I'd say back "Eric, eric...eric.......you...you...serioussss...." They got scared when all i could do was wave my hands in the air and repeat there words.

Then, out of nowhere, according to what i was told. I bolted straight up right staring at the wall in front of me. And then i screamed, screamed something. I dont know what, i think i just yelled "AAAAAAHHHHH" as loud as I could, for like 10 minutes straight." They got scared and worried and went upstairs and drank there worries away for a while.

I was still on the floor haviung conversations with my friends who were still sitting around me. Or so i thought, they were upstairs. Then it was time for me to stop having so much damn fun. This is hard to explain but I'll do my best:

I woke up. My mind woke up. My body was lying there, and I couldnt move it. My mind was completely awake in my head. I saw my friends come in and look into my eyes, and say "Eric, its been a long time dude.." I heard them say it, later i asked if they had said that, and they said they did but i made no response, just stared at the ceiling. I knew my body wouldnt move. Then he sighed and left. Then my world flickered. What i was seeing, which was basically straight into the roof, flickered. At first it was really slow. Like once or twice in 5 minutes, but there was no mistaking it. The world looked so surreal, so much like a fantasy, but my mind desperately wanted me to wake up. It was shrieking inside me. I remember thinking more than once "what if im fucking dying." Now i look back on it and say, i was so far from dying, why the fuck did i think that...but i still thought it.

"what if im dying, this isnt so bad. But i dont want to fucking die!!!" And the flickering started again, it became more frequent, faster. And for some fucked up reason..I dont know why...i had an idea. Really weird and really stupid. My brain seemed to need something to gauge how to wake the fuck up, or not. I have no idea, although i try to put reason to it, I cant figure out why i thought what i thought.

I thought that these flickers are obviously getting faster and faster and more frequent (remember this is all in my head, i was still on the floor in the same position staring at the roof)So all i have to do is wait, until the flickers got so fast, and so frequent, that it didnt flicker anymore, but became comtinuous. Almost like halting sound slowly becoming a hum. I thought that once it became continuous, I would wake up.

So, lying on the floor as the same position as the last 5 hours, staring through glassy eyes, but somehow in my own little world in my mind, was waiting for the flickers to become a line. I had to wait another two hours before i started flipping again, and start talking to myself, or, as i thought, to other people. My friends all were downstairs now, a couple unconcious like me, but from booze. I think. :P

Then i didnt have to wait anymore. The flickers were now a blur. Nothing happened. My mind shrieked that i was gonna die like this, a useless heap in a pile of his own garbage. Then as i waited, i slowly sort of ( again, hard to explain) drifted upwards. It was like i was looking through the eyes of some dead guy looking down at his own body as a spirit (weird shit) I saw my own body lying there. Still staring blanking upward. I saw one of my friends staring at the poster. And another lying there, out cold, i think. And another one, going up the stairs. Then, my minds eye was still up above, looking down on the whole scene, Kerren went up the stairs, and came back down with Jamie (another friend that came over that minute).

AS i wateched from above, it was like watching a story. A play spread out before me. Jamie walked over to my prone body, looked into my glazed eyes (probably dry as bone by now)and slapped me in the face. I couldnt feel a think, my vision on the roof didnt rock and sway as if my head had been hit. I just watched him smack my bodies face, and watch my head flop over. He turned around, and shrugged. The whole room looked unreal. My out-of-body vision watched everyone file upstairs. Then, only about, i guess 5 to 6 minutes after they left...my minds out-of-body vision [OOBV from now on] slowly started to float downwards. Directly into my unconcious face.

With a weird kind of calm, i watched my vision go staright into my face quite quickly, only about 4 minutes till i was basically staring my unconcious body in the face about a millimeter away. It still went forward, into my face. Then i woke up.

I woke up. Looked around checked my watch, and sighed. "Holy SHIT, you fucking idiot. Too much, too fast." I groggily trecked up the stairs and out onto the balcony. My friends turned around, drunk and high as fuck, and just stared at me, before Sean finally piped up from behind and said. "Man, you're fucking amazing. Tell me about that shit."
"I will," I said. I noticed Jamie was gone. "When did Jamie leave?" I asked.
My friends all looked at each other and said: "How did you know Jamie stopped by, that was like 30 minutes ago, when you were on the floor. He slapped you like a bitch!"

But i already knew that. I told them with perfect detail, where they sat, what they did, and how they moved, while i was looking at them from above. They were all pretty creeped out, didn't know how I knew that. I told them about my wierd OOBV, and they looked at me like i had the plague. I guess it would be pretty weird.

Then they started telling me, about my echo talking like 5 hours before. And my scraming at the wall for 10 minutes. And my converasations i had while i was lying on the floor, thinking iu was talking to them about cool shit, when it turns out i was alone, on the floor.

I had a cigarette, and tried to calm down. I lapsed in and out of conciosuness for a while. Then put on a house-robe, and had an ice-cold shower.

I hope you read till this point...because i have an interesting point to make, kind of weird: What if you're in a coma right now, waiting for a flicker.

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