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the 4th dimension

This is the story of my 2nd trip.

This is the story of my 2nd trip. It was Firday the 13th in Feburary of 2004 (triped out date huh?). After school i met up the hommie Iggy who asked " Are you down to trip shrooms?"

"hell ya!" i said. it was cool cause we could hang out at Gina's house whos mom was a hippy and didn't mind us trippin there.

So we buy the shrooms. Me, Iggy, Gina And E each take 4 grams of golden caps.

We chilled for a while then once it began to kick in we decided to watch Finding Nemo. I was facinated by this civilization the fishes had. Then when the shark killed all the fish babys i felt so incredibly sad. The movie was a fucking emotional roller coaster i was sad, happy, excited scared. Al the while the movie seemed to jump out of the screen. Then i noticed the TV was made out of clay.
In fact the whole room was made of clay. I walked outside to smoke a cigarrete in this clay world. After ten mionitues or so i closed my eyes and when opened again the world was normal. I proceded to light 2 ciggarettes: one to smoke the other to watcgh burn. The smoke was facinating.

I began to feel sad that i was in a city instead of in nature. The grass on here lawn just wasnt "wild". I went inside and squirmend for a while not able to find a comfertable position to sit on the couch. i went ouside again

Outside i sat down on the curb with another ciggarette. I closed my eyes and was taken to another dimension. I assummed ith was the 4th dimension. In this place of fantastic colors i felt enlightenment. Any question i thought of i could answer. It was amazing. I was one with the universe and all the knowledge of the "oversoul" was mine. I do not know how long i was in the 4th demension but when i came bac to the 3rd my ciggarete had already burned to the filter and died.

At one point i fell like i was done with the trip so i dorve home. The drive was alright except the stop signs looked awkward. When i got into my room and turned of the lights i hit annother peak. There were all thee neon patterns in the dark. I turn on my light and notice my poster of bob marley. The joint in the poster was cherried and smoking. I sat in my room for a while till i decied to smoke a joint after which i passed out.

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