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Thai Mushrooms

A couple of days ago I purchased 25g of Thai Mushrooms.

A couple of days ago I purchased 25g of Thai Mushrooms.

The next day after saying the appropriate prayers to the mushroom spirits,my spirit guides and power animals,I cleaned them and ate them the night of the full moon(saturday).

For a while nothing happened and then I closed my eyes and was transported to a friends house in Brighton(I live in London).My friend was hunched over the computer working away and told me to fuck off as he was busy.I ignored his request and proceeded to give him a shamanic healing.Then I was with another friend,I entered her body and ended up looking out at the world through her eyes.I left her body and then we made love.I think what happened next is that I went through a multitude of dismemberment experiences-I was swallowed and then spat out by giant beings.It took a while for me to be reassembled and at first I was given the wrong head back.Evil entities appeared and started laughing and mocking me for having inappropriate body parts.The Mushroom spirits told me that I had to lie still all night,without eating,drinking or talking and that I would only be reassambled in the morning.They told me not to go to the toilet as the guy I share a toilet with would also try to eat me.After a while they relented and let me be reanimated.Then I had a vision of a man on horseback who approached me with a sword.He pierced me in the stomach with it,then gave me a book containing knowledge about which plants to use to heal people with and the mushroooms said that in the future I should ask them what page to turn to in the book to find the right plant to heal people with.I was also presented with a sword,the ownership of which i rejected and given a new body of finest gilded metal,together with a lot of new mushroomy knowledge and a new tongue to replace the one that had been cut out at some point in the evening.The mushroom spirits wanted me to undergo more dismemberment but I told them that i couldn't deal with any more that night so they relented,realising that otherwise I would crack up.During the evening the mushrooom spirits were communicating with me telepathically and they told me that I had to go into and merge with the wall.Afer doing this I got a glimpse of the mushroom spirit.He was a little man who closely resembled a mushroom and talked in a variety of voices(he sang like a virgin in a high pitched female voice and then started talking in a grufff northern accent).By this point the experience began to subside and I cried a few tears.The rest of the night I lay awake feeling tied and energised and intergrated the experience whilst beconing aware that the trees outside my window were being killed slowly by the vehicles driving by.

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