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telepathic eros

A quantity of homegrown, dried cubensis fruits were ground to a fine powder in a coffee grinder.

A quantity of homegrown, dried cubensis fruits were ground to a fine powder in a coffee grinder.

A pot containing 2 cups of water was brought to a simmer.

The juice from 1 fresh lemon, and 1 fresh lime was added
to the water.

Approximately 5 grams of GHB was added to the water.

20 level teaspoons of the mushroom powder was added to the water.

The "tea" was simmered for about 30 minutes.

The liquid was poured through a simple melita coffee
funnel with normal coffee filter paper. It was allowed to
drip for some time, to allow as much liquid as possible to
enter the receiving flask.

The liquid was poured in equal ammounts into 2 coffee

A bag of panfired greentea was allowed to steep in each
mug for about 5 minutes, to further enhance the flavor.

My beloved and I sipped the tea over about a 10 minute
period, whilst watching a documentary about Andy
Warhol on the A & E channel.

Surprisingly, the 1st effects were felt within about 15 or 20
minutes. The effects were very profound before the
1 hour program was over.

The usual anxierty associated with the "elavator ride up"
was greatly attenuated, probably because of the relaxing
effects of the added GHB, which was the intent of the
experimental addition. In addition, all anxiety disappeared
totally by the time the mushroom effects were totally
in full-bloom, and once sacred but indescribable geometric
patterns were beginning to flow and announce themselves
from within the patterns of the wallpaper and woodwork.

At that point, we retired to our "room of light", a room with
floor to ceiling windows wrapping around 2 walls, with a
nice view on both sides to our gardens. It is also the room
where my hi-fi resides.

I placed the CD of "You can be anyone this time around"
by Timothy Leary ( with musical backup by Jimi Hendrix,
John Sebastian, and Steven Stills, in the CD player, auditioning the album for the first time.

I watched my beloved's face as she listened in rapt attention, to Dr Leary's beautiful poetic raps regarding
the harmony of the nervous system etc..

I observed her facial features taking on archetypal qualities
and saw/sensed a light within her glowing outward and
illuminating all of her features. The usual affection I feel for
her deepened into a love so profound as to almost be

We reclined prone, with the tops of our skulls touching and
our feet in opposite directions, faces toward the ceiling,
with eyes closed.

Our souls became liquid and plastic, and instead of their
being 2 individuals, our consciousness melted into that
of one, with it's seeming center or reference point being
approximately where our heads were touching.

Without a word being uttered, we were in perfect communication; our thoughts in union.

Our thoughts explored our nervous system(s)..
Playful flames of erotic energy were directed up our spines
and throughout all erogenous areas. An intense and sacred feeling orgasmic sensation which had no connection with ordinary time, permeated our consciousness.

With closed eyes, and even to some extent with open
eyes, flowing, convoluted geometric patterns of fantastic
colors that simultaneouly seemed organic and flourescent
bloomed and morphed from the center of being.

A profound sense of having arrived at the purpose and
meaning of existence enveloped everything.

Time seemed to stand still.

Gradually, "normal" perceptions began to replace the
divine grace we had been inhabiting. Time seemed
to begin to move all to quickly, almost as if "making up"
for the period of grace where it had stopped.

As we began to reintegrate into separate egos,
there was a sense of grapsing onto the disappearing
world of wonder and awe... a sadness at returning
to ordinary consciousness.

As we became 2 people again, we began singing
with the music I put on the hi-fi, a Moody Blues classic.
Our spirits soared with our voices, which seemed to
harmonize perfectly together, and with the recorded

Our bodies began to crave calories, and we roasted some
large chili-peppers and had them over brown rice cooked
in coconut milk. The taste was sublime.

The urge to repeat the experience was almost overwhelming , but alas such an experience cannot be
planned or even repeated by accident. We shall allow
the experience to "digest", and be savored for some time.

Who knows what the next journey shall bring to us?

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