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TEA OF ILLUSIONS Let be begin by warning you that what I'm about to tell you is true.


Let be begin by warning you that what I'm about to tell you is true. The events in this trip story are all true and all crazier than anything else in my life. This was a really crazy trip, I had just met my friend and he offered my a half-ounze of the weirdest mushrooms I had ever seen. They were really black and mostly just pieces of stem and top, as well as half an inch of mushroom powder. I wasn't too impressed by I bought them and went on my way. A week later well on a leave from work I decided I wanted to try some of these mushrooms out. So I whipped up a batch of pancake mix and made 5 pancakes, all with about half a gram to a gram of mushrooms each. I took 3 of them the first night and I was a little dissapointed. It was about a level 1 trip so it wasn't much. The next night I wanted to try the two pancakes which had a gram each. I popped them at about 10:30pm and waited. I started to feel great, the walls were waving and everything was bouncing. The trip was great and lasted till around 2 am and then I just fell asleep. I would rate that trip as about a 3.3 but nothing could prepare me for the next week. After taking all the pancakes and still having a shit load of shrooms to eat I decided to make tea. I heard it was 10 times crazier than straight shrooms so I thought how awesome this will be. So a week later on a monday evening I began boiling the water on the stove. I threw in about half a gram of stem and tops, and another half to a gram of the black shank at the bottom of the baggie. I stirred it around and about ten minutes later the water was starting to look like tea. I threw in a tea bag for flavor and cooked it some more. I poured the brownish liquid into a cup and peered deep into the liquid trip. I never even put the pieces I used in, so I went out on the balcony looking over the huge, highly trafficed area before me and down the tea went. I went back inside and boiled another half gram of mushshrooms and slammed them back as fast as the first batch. I don't know why I drank more but I sure paid for it. As soon as the second cup went down, I began feeling really loose and limb. I felt like I just had 8 or 9 drinks. I went outside and lit up a smoke hopping it would calm me down a bit, wrong. I packed two huge bowls in my devil bong and after that didn't help I realized I was going to be fucked up bad. I shut off all the lights and layed down in bed watching television. I entered the most mysterious and psyxhotic worlds of illusion, echos and major hallucinations. T.v. sounded crystal clear, it was waving all over the place, the walls were melting, i looked down at my legs and watched them move like two snakes through the grass. The ceiling was spinnig round and round, the whole room was melting in my mind and when I shut my eyes all i could see was a huge narrow hallway full of flying colors and spinning wheels of colors everywhere, I couldn't even close my eyes because it made me trip out so bad. I got up and it felt like I was gliding a foot off the floor, everything looked smeared and I could see colors in all the corners of my eyes. The patterns on the floor were spinnig out of control. I began feeling really dizzy and sick so I floated into the bathroom and I could feel the toilet moving as I had my hands on it. I didn't throw up or anything but it sure made me trip out. I went out onto the balcony and the traffic noises were so intense that I couldn't even stay out there for 5 minutes. I was in a world I had no control over and it got the best of me. I was tripping out for 4 hours but it felt like days had gone by. I was freaked out the whole night. I had never been on a trip so powerful and so intense that it made me want to die. I love smoking pot and doing regular shrooms but tea is amazing. I've been told by a buddy of mine who did acid, that shroom tea is equivelant to two hits of acid. I FUCKIN BELIEVE IT!!! The hallucinations I had that night were so scary and so crazy that I haven't done shrooms or tea since and I don't know if I' ll ever do it again. Pot is a great drug and I love it and I will continue smoking it but I have cut down some since I did the tea. Drugs are crazy things and once tea is in you, you can't get it out and you can't just sleep it off so be careful or you may have a level 5+ trip like I did. Good Luck!

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