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Talking Pizza/Chicks

Ok, it all started when I was chillin in my room with a few friends.

Ok, it all started when I was chillin in my room with a few friends. One of the brought some shrooms over. We started out by gettin blown of a 20 sack of hydro chronic bud. Then we got hammered after we stole a 30 pack of beers from my refrigerator. Then the fun started. We remembered that my friend had brought some shrooms. So we split them into 4 equal parts and gobbled them up like there was no tommarow. About 15 minutes later i started to feel the effects. I walked into my living room and sat on the couch. But was i sat down, a portal type thing just opened on the couch cushoin and sucked me in. It felt like i was falling for hours. A constant rainbow colored stobe lite vision could be seen. Finally i hit bottom. To my surprise, i was floating in outter space. Soon after that, a flying saucer came and picked me up. the beings inside were not aliens, but BEATIFUL blondes. And all of them were NUDE. then suddenly i found myself back in my living room on the couch. I tried to lie down and relax. When i got to that, my dog came running to me and jumped on my stomach. Then she suddenly started melting into me. and that was the last i saw of my dog for the rest of the trip. I decided to go out side. I went out there and started to swing on my little sisters swing set. i got as high as i could go and thought it would be fun to jump off, so i did! But i never came down. i was just stuck in one place in mid air. Finally i somehow got back to the ground. i sat there lying on the ground for a while. I saw a bird fly over head. It was leaving a trail of goo that was suspended in mid air and slowly dripped down. I got tired of waitin for it to get to the ground so i went in the car. I somehow got to thinking i was a peanut rolling down a hill. and then one of my friends found me and smacked the shit out of me to try and get me conscious again. it finally werked. we started tossin a football around. man was that a trip of its own. of course we had no coordination seeing that we were drunk, stoned, and trippin all at the same time. but it was fun anywayz. the next thing i knew i was back in my room grubbing on some frozen pizza. and it was FROZEN. but it tasted good. i stopped eating it as soon as i realized that the pepperoni was alive and talking to me. so i sat there talking rediculously to my pizza. i can't remember whut we talked about. all i remember about that is that the pizza pissed me off so i decided to continue eatin it. By then it was my peak. and everything was pretty much the same from there on out. i hope you enjoyed that trip report. i loved being able to make it

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