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Sweat Bath

Alright, My report isn't as drastic as some of the other ones.

My report isn't as drastic as some of the other ones. I had done mush about 3-5 times before. I went out and bought 5g of shroomies, intending to eat them over the span of the weekend. I went over to my friends house and ended up popping all 5g's. About 20 minutes later, I turned into a giant eyeball, and when i looked down all i could see was my body as the tendons and muscles holding the eyeball in place. This was during the day too. So i ran around for about an hour looking for my contact lense so i could see out of my giant eyeball which was me. LOL.
Then the eye (me) was becoming smaller and i ended up curled up in a ball on the side of the road screaming for help. Until finally i convinced some guy to give me his glasses to wear. Then i went home, and had a conversation with my parents about why i was wearing a total strangers glasses. Then i went upstairs and looked in the mirror, and the moment i looked in the mirror my nose started to pour blood. I passed out in the tub. The next thing i remember was waking up on my bed totally naked and dripping with sweat, and my guitar was disassembled on the floor. With a note on the fridge from my parents that said that they were gone out for breakfast. (THE NEXT DAY)
That was my most intense trip ever.

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