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Superbowl King

It had been a month since I have tripped.

It had been a month since I have tripped. I had been on anti-deprassants for a month and I finally decided to trip again. I took my lithium at five o'clock. I took four hits of felix at nine o'clock. By nine ten I was seeing visuals that I had never seen before.I became very confused. I was starting to hear my voice echo. After ten minutes The car sounded like it was laughing at me. I had to pull over and let my friend drive. By that time I had lost all grips on reality. I thought that it was December 31, 1999 and it was the end of the world and we were all going to die. I saw te ten second to doom countdown in my head and as it got to one I glanced in the mirror and saw blood all over me. I then thought that since I was still alive that I was God. As we went back to my friends apartment we were sitting in the parking lot and I was talking to another friend in the back seat who wasn't there. I was wearing a football jersey that night and once we got in my apartment I thought I was the Super Bowl King. This all seemed very real in my head. It seemed right that I went from God to the Super Bowl King. When I finally started to peak it was the scariest thing that I had ever been through in my life. My memory was no longer than four seconds. I remember that through the whole trip even when we were at my friends apartment I would think we were getting pulled over. When my friend finally took me home because he couldn't deal with my insanity anymore I walked in my house and thought it was on fire, so I called the police. When they got to my house I was on the kitchen floor having a seziure. Needless to say, it wasn't a very good trip.

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