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Supa Nova Orgasm

I could feel my body trembling.

I could feel my body trembling. My girlfriend could feel it to as I layed apon her as she was in the doggy position. Her body was like a land formation and I was like the sky covering her horizon with my atmosphere. Her back bone was like a river in a valley, her hair was like a waterfall of black water spanning off in all directions over her landscape. Then that final thrust. The initial feeling was minute but it took my awareness straight to my skeletal X-ray and the vision was like a small magnesium light positioned in my pelvis. I continued to push and the light got bigger with the orgasmic pleasure until it was as bright as the sun. At this stage my awareness was sent to the roof of the bedroom as the sun exploded inside my skeletal xray. Then my vision saw the pleasure waves flow from the exploding supa nova in my pelvic area right through to the tip of my head and toes. The waves resembled fluresent electrode ripples of a lake visually charged by electricity. The orgasmic feeling was an all over body experience and beyond the realm of ecstacy and could only be described as a orgasm magnituted by 100 times.

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