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Stuck W/ my bro

well, me (18) 150lb 5'11'' and my brother (15) 130lb 5'7'' have decided to do shrooms for the first time after watching detroit rock city.

well, me (18) 150lb 5'11'' and my brother (15) 130lb 5'7'' have decided to do shrooms for the first time after watching detroit rock city. because the priest ate some shrooms on a pizza and tripped out hella hard and it looked like fun and i heard stuff about shrooms which also made my curiosity grow for them. anyways heres the trip report....

Me and my brother were home with no parents to interrupt or get us in trouble so me and him ate an 8th each, which is about 4 shrooms: 4 caps and 4 stems. But after I ate them i immediatly started smoking some fucken grand dad purp, and got really really keyed, then almost in an instant, (which prolly was about an hour...) i started to feel the shrooms, my eyez went from a stony look to fucken meth eyes, not that i do meth but i was wide awake! then me and my brother kinda looked at eachother and start cracking up, we didnt know why we were laughing but everything we did i guess was funny for eachother to watch. then we started talking, but nothing made sense, but then it did, idk, it was fucken wierd. we would start talking: "hey you remember whe..." then it would be silent and then we would try to talk about something else. but when it got soo bad, i lost myself in my thoughts, i was in another world. my impression when i was trippin, was when u did shrooms with someone ur gonna be hanging out with them 24/7 for the rest of your life jus talking to them about shit that doesnt make sense, an that gave me a bad vibe, an started getting negitive, i had a bad trip for about an hour but after that one was over i didnt have a bad trip 4 the rest of the time. I jus accepted that that was how i was gonna be for the rest of my life, it sucked but made me feel better and then went to a so much better trip, then i jumped on the comp, talk about impossible, i couldnt work the fucken thing for the first time in my life! i saw the moniter an then letters and words i didnt understand started swirling on the screen, i wasnt afraid tho, i thought it was kick ass. Then i got up to go get my water bottle and it took me bout an hour and a half to find the thing sitting in my car! I lost my cell but found it when i came down. when i came down it was almost instantly, reality hit like everything was ok and good now and it took me a couple days to remember all of what happened. I still remember looking at my wall paper and fuuuk, it jus didnt look right, it was waving and morphing into different shapes and the walls were breithing too! what i did to acuire this high was i ate an 8th of shrooms, an smoked 2.5 grams of weed to my dome, try it especially mix it with weed, it helps amplify the affect, alcahol will too, but... dont drink too much of it tho, very bad trip, possability of puking an losing ur high, dont drink too much at once.

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