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I kept saying Hello

I had never done shrooms before and didn't even plan on it when I did do it.

I had never done shrooms before and didn't even plan on it when I did do it. I went to my friend's house and one of my friends pulled it out of his pocket to show me. I was going to college the next day and so everyone convinced him to give them to me. I was like sure, why not. I ate a whole eighth on stale bread and it was so gross. I think more cause of the stale bread but anyways.....

After about a 45 mintues I felt nothing and started to get mad cause i spent 28 bucks on the things. 5 minutes later I went up to go to the bathroom and felt fine. I was taking a piss the the piss hitting the toilet water started to look wierd and when I looked up at the floral wallpaper, all the colors started going crazy. I remember thinking, this can't be possible, but nevertheless it was happening. I left the bathroom and me and my friends went outside (it was dark) to go into the woods to drink. All the lights that were on, like the car lights and street lamps, were surrounded by brillant rainbows. I got in the car and said to one of my friends "Man this is amazing".

We got into the woods and everyone started drinking. The campfire was obviously amazing to look at and I COULD NOT STOP LAUGHING. My sense of touch was wierd too. When I felt my glasses they felt like they were broken, but they weren't. And when I kissed my girlfriend it felt sooooo wierd.

I didn't get many visualizes casue i was outside in the dark, but the way i felt was really cool. I kept saying Hello? Hello? and my friends started to get annoyed with me (but all in good humor) but I just kept laughing and laughing even when one of my friends told me that if i was his kid, he'd shoot me (kidding around obviously). Well when the trip started to come to an end something wierd happened. I felt like i had a sixth sense. Like i could look at a person and understand them fully and understand why they are the way they are. I wish i had a notebook with me cause some of the things i was thinking were so insightful and profound about everybody but oh well- maybe next time.

Well we all left the woods and i kinda bugged out leaving cause everyone was drunk and i didt think we were gonna get back and i was going to college the next day. Well thankfully we did get out and I went to get in the car to be driven home and the car was half the size. I was "Jesus, I can't go home like this". Well i did and my parents were asleep.

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