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Stuck Inside

About two weeks ago I got the balls to try shrooms for the first time.

About two weeks ago I got the balls to try shrooms for the first time. My friend and I had set up my house to be an ultamite den of psychadelia (i.e disco ball, blacklight, etc...). Unfortuantely we had had to be back at his parents house before 11:00 pm, and it was already 8:00 o' clock. The ingestion of about a half eighth began at 9:45 after a light dinner two hours before. I had a funny sensation in my stomach, and then my friend decided to take a walk. Outside the trip began to take form, and the street did funny wave motions. Back inside my house(it was 10:15) it hit pretty well. My wall came down to give me a friendly hug, and my friend refused to open his eyes because of the visions that "Dear Prudence" inspired. I closed my eyes too and saw marshmellow wonders and a land full of jawbreaker candy people.

We both had been experimenting with nitrous lately and about an hour into the trip I decided I wanted some. My friend said "Fuck you, that's too wild!" and then went back into a trance. I got to my kitchen and then it really hit. My clean cups on the counter had turned into organ pipes and were now playing a very entertaining tune. The kitchen itself kept oozing, and then I decided nitrous would not be good for a first timer like me. Somehow we left my house and hopped into his car (which had morphed from a Volvo into a Cadillac) and made to his house in seconds. Upon entering, I went to his sister to investigate her activities. At this time I was starting to lose all fears and inhibitions because I would have never talked to his sister ion any other occasion. She was working on a jiggsaw puzzle, and each piece seemed to come out of the picture and then replace itself by my will. The puzzle was a picture of small babies in flower pots, and each one popped out, winked at me and then popped back in. My friend pulled me away promptly because I had been unconciously ( out loud no less) commenting on these visuals.

We entered his room, and that's when I felt total and complete separation from Mother Earth. She called to me through the window, but it seemed very distant. I could not answer her back, and it depressed me, for a while. That's when I discovered the people in the walls. At first look the walls dripped with honey and resembled waterfalls. When I investigated closely I saw the village behind it. n inviting hand came to pull me in and I had no choice. I was pure liquid and the friend I had just made slid aroud my body with their amorphous forms. They tickled me, and pleasured me, and we related without words, only psuedopods. Suddenly my friend pulled from the wall, anf told me not to go back in. I noticed that he had a deadly form of measles spreading across his body, so I used my newly found powers of healing to eradicate them. Then I discovered a mirror, and found that I could change my image according to my feelings. I morphed from a jaguar to mantis to a baby version of myself. Then the light of the sun was gone, and I was alone in a forest of mold. I saw a shining plant and used it to navigate my way through the forest. I had excessive amounts of hair on my body and walked on all fours.

The light returned and I was in an ancient Aztec city of gold. I marveled at the strength of the walls and the wealth of the long gone people. I walked among the empty streets and played childrens games with myself. Then I listened to the silence. The longer I listened the louder it got, until an alien orchestra was performing a concerto for me and no one else. I became aware of my surroundings again. A cloud of electrons harrassed me, and one resembling a devil's head told me,"WE ARE WATCHING YOU." Orange fish jumped towards me from the beach on the ceiling, and a creative rush entered me. I drew pictures for hours, and showed them to my friend who laughed uncontrollably, made odd sounds, and spasmed a lot. Much more happened, but only in the way of cray hallucinations. For a first time it was awesome, and I highly recommend it for people in control of their mental faculties, and not afraid to let go.

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