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Story Book Trip and Wanting Normal!!!

Ok, it was friday and cat had arranged and gathering thing.

Ok, it was friday and cat had arranged and gathering thing. There was 14 people there 9 of us was shrooming (everyone had 15g each), 2 was drinking and 3 wer smoking draw. It was emily's,laura's, tessa's, david's and my first time on shrooms and the other shroomers had only done it first time the week before.
Took them at about 7.30 even before every1 had got there. At first i started feeling really cold and shivering but that didnt last long, me and emily put on sum music and started dancing. Then we went into the bathroom which was so funny, we was looking into the mirror and emily found herself so attractive saying stuff like "Hello sexy" to herself in the mirror, it was sooo funny i couldnt stop laughin, the mirror was amazin and we did look good. Then when we went back into cats bedroom emily was like "dont tell anyone what i was saying"lol. Then we sat down in front of our mate tom who looked soo funny (he looked like a smerf) we was laughing so much that we was crying with laughter.
By this time everyone was getting rely excited because we was all starting to trip. Everyone look like little kids and started acting like kids. Then tom leaned back on the cupboard and it was moving and david was like omg the cupboard is dancing, which every1 found funny.
All laughing it had to be about 9.30 when my friend emily starting tripping bad, this started because marcos (another guy on shrooms) told her she was rubbing on his foot in a sexual way, ally (marcos gf, who was drunk and not on shrooms) and maros started shouting at emily but only as a joke but scared emily half to death and sent her on a bad trip. She ran over to me and started goin on sum huge paraniar trip, thinking she had done things she hadnt. I took her to the bathroom and we sat in there i was talking to her saying she didnt do anything wrong and to remember shes just tripping. She said that i was a gardian angel and that i couldnt leave her. After a while she brightened up but the thing was i was tripping off my head the whole time but looking after emily kept me a lil more sane. Then laura and tess(also shrooming) came in the bathroom and we all looked in the mirror. I looked at myslef and i was turning orange gettin more and more orange then i started turning into an ompalumpa from charlie and the chocolate factory and the other girls faces were so much whiter then mine, but that was kinda funny.
Later at about 11-12 i was sitting on the sofa and this guy david was accross the room, he was sitting in a red light and staring at the tv screen,then he turned and looked at me we both starting laughing uncontrolably and then it felt like me and him wer in sum kinda galaxy world. i started to feel scared and all i cud hear was people keep saing i want to be normal, i knew that normal was sumink i wanted to be but i was gettin sucked into the none normal world then i said to david normal is just the name of the world everyone wants to be in, at the time it all made sense and all i knew was me and david wernt there. Then i closed my eyes and just saw david's face(which looked really evil) wiv big cat eyes just jumped at me i screamed and opened my eyes and david was there then i thought that he was a spy working for the other world and that he was tryin to suck me in i was so scared i felt like the world was behind me and it was sucking me in. I started having a panic attack i couldnt breath and i thought i was guna die. Luckly i was sitting next to kamole and chris (2 guy that wernt on shrooms they wer just stonning) Were looking after me making david go away. I felt like they where my body guards.
From that point i felt the need to be in other people like i wanted to be in anyone but my self.
The strange thing was that i really beleaved that David, tom and ben where all spys out to get me into the other world (but they wer all good friends of mine in real life).
After an hour or so i kept driffting in to normal and back out into the galaxy. The one person that had a good trip that night was my friend tessa and when i asked her she said, when she felt herself goin into the world she just went with it and it wernt evil it was just amazing and funny. All the people that had a bad trip where all the people so desprate to be normal.
This just shows that normals what you dont want to be on shrooms!

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