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I've been on lots of different rollercoaster rides and magic mountain adventures but, this one tops them all.

I've been on lots of different rollercoaster rides and magic mountain adventures but, this one tops them all...

I bought a half an ounce of long stemmed cubensis from a friend in Seattle. He said they were really, really good shrooms, have fun. James and I were definitely going to find out if he was telling the truth soon because we knew we were going to eat them that night.

Ofcourse, the supplies we had were already there. We made some tea, quickly crushed them, and let them sit inside the hot tea for about ten minutes. Meanwhile, we were munching the little runts and random ones dangling in the bag. We drank a lot of lemon juice and orange juice with multi-vitamins. We are shroom-experts when it comes to heightening the experience.

So, after getting it all in, we started watching the "Incubus, Live from Red Rocks" concert. Holy fucking shit. It felt like I was onstage. The concert was so amazing within like two songs. I felt somehow I knew the band and everyone in the crowd was very familiar to me. I was so excited. James was over there getting into it too. The room was warm and the energies were just beginning to rise.

All of a sudden, I looked up and I saw my arm floating straight up over my head. Not for any reason. Just floating there. I laughed about it and I just kept it there as if it was made of styrofoam. It felt good. Everything was getting more intense it was ridiculous. I couldn't fathom the way I felt and I was starting to drift into another state of being. I took frequent trips to the toilet to either urinate or to shit. Urinating felt so good. I loved the feeling of cleaning out your body. About 30 minutes later, still in the uprising of this, our minds were awesome and we knew exactly what to do. So, we both ate two more, eight inch long shrooms each.

I can only tell you what I saw and heard because part of me was there, watching and part of me was there, speaking and listening at the same time. My whole being was in another consciousness in another dimension right there in our living room. I was talking to James and to myself and to anyone to here and try to make sense of it. James was listening with a heavenly smile on his face. I just talked and talked for a longtime about this new life we had begun. Out of pure instinct, all my words ryhmed. I cant recall what was said much though. Everything I beleived was flowing through me, even though it had jumped into a time portal, into the place some will all reside in the future or the next life. My body (now) My brain (future)

I now believed the world ended, and everyone knew of this, and we were sort of floating in our apartment waiting for everyone to get there. Thats the only part that didnt make sense to me. James listened. I called my girlfriend and said, "youre here right?" she played along. I just knew that she already knew. I couldn't even go outside because I already knew that time no longer existed and eternity had begun. We were doing what we should have. Getting used to this new world and remembering how it works.

The whole trip lasted about another hour... James and I were in my room. He was chillin on my floor with the same smile. I lay on my bed, weightless, drifting toward this new existence of extreme and infinite happiness when BAM!! ... snapped out of it like THAT! It was so weird cause I looked at James and said, "Im done". He was like "are you serious?" I said "yea" and we just talked and tripped about the whole thing, and for days after.

I truly believe I felt a small part of heaven, for just a short time compared to what we, honest people, who want to do good, will feel after out mission and training here is complete. I will always remember this night ofcourse, but there is not any solice to be content with this feeling forever so I tell you this... You should have been there!

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