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Stop driving high!

It was Sunday and I was bored and had nothing to do.

It was Sunday and I was bored and had nothing to do. I was trying to get my friends to go out and do something, but nobody wanted to do anything. So I was talking to one of my friends on the phone and was joking about eating shrooms by myself and going to the park to feed the ducks and squirrels. We laughed about it and then that gave me an idea. I still had a little baggy of shrooms left over that I had stashed away in a shoe box. They were about six months old so I wasn't even sure if they would still work. But anyways, I grabbed them and headed out the door to go downtown to the park. I grabbed my notebook to do some writing and I wasn't planning on tripping very hard.

I've done shrooms a lot in my life and have had some very awesome spiritual enlighting trips. But this night was different and it almost made me to never want to shroom again.

I don't even know how much I ate. I didn't even think the shrooms were still good. I ate mostly caps. I was driving around the park in my car to find a place to hang out and was eating them with orange juice, lisening to Without Me by Emninem. I was starting to feel a little sick and I had to go pee. So I drove to a gas station and as I asked the cashier for the bathroom key I started laughing and people were looking at me like I was crazy. I went pee and then ten minutes later I had to pee again. This time I was laughing at myself cuz I started to talk to myself saying that I needed to find a bathroom where I wouldn't have to ask anyone where it was at. I peed again, but the shrooms weren't really hitting me, I just felt a little silly and felt a little sick. Usually shrooms don't make me feel sick like that.

So anyways I finally went back to the park and was sitting on this bench in front of a rose garden. I was waiting for the shrooms to kick it cuz I figured maybe driving around was making me sick. Then to my left, there was this nerdy guy dressed up in a business suit sitting by himself and then he kept looking at me. I pretended to write in my notebook, but he kept looking in my direction and then would pretend that he wasn't when I would look back at him. I was about to go talk to him cuz he looked lonely, but then I was like hell no. Then I was looking at the rose garden and everything started to look like it was far away and that I was moving close. I started to feel like the little flowers on the bushes were saying hi to me. And then I felt like all the trees were saying hi to me. And then the man kept looking at me and all these people started to walk by and then I wanted to leave cuz I got bored and wanted to drive around. I was just starting to feel really sick and I was like man, this sick feeling is gonna make me have a bad trip. Usually shrooms make me feel a little sick and then it goes away, but this time it was different.

I was just driving around and I started to feel the shrooms. I was listening to the radio and it started to trip me out because every song or commercial that came on felt like it was reguarding to me and I felt like there was something out there watching my every move, using the radio to communicate with me. I had no clue where I was going. But all of a sudden it started to hit me hard when I was at a stop light. I looked inside my car and everything was moving around and the newspaper in my car looked like floating fog. I looked at the road and it was waving like lava and everything around me seemed to be moving in closer to me. I was like man I am gonna have a hard trip so I headed home.
I started to call all my friends on my cell phone, but I was laughing too much because everytime I would talk, everything around me would move and come at me and I felt like I was blending into everything and blending into my words. I couldn't even pronounce my words right and I just couldn't stop laughing because everything looked fun. My facial expression was just bazaar and I looked at myself in the rear view mirror and I just looked to amused with everything for anyone to not notice that I was trippin.
One of my friends was on her way to come get me because she could tell that I was trippin hard and I was by myself.

When I got in the house I turned all the lights on and left the door wide open. I was trying to get on the internet cuz there's this girl I chat with who lives up in Washington and I wanted to see if she was online cuz I wanted her phone number so that I could talk to her. But as soon as I turned on the computer, the sick feeling took over. I started to gag. I thought I was gonnna throw up, and I hate throwing up. I left the house and told my friend to hurry up. I wanted to cry cuz I was gagging. Everything was just too much for me and I just wanted the trip to end cuz I was trippin too hard. When she finally came and got me, I smoked a bowl cuz they told me that would calm the trip down. And like magic it worked. My friend told me to wipe the drool off my face, how embarassing that I drooled! I went to use the bathroom and stared into the mirror and it freaked me out cuz it looked like my face turned into someone elses. I always like to see how long I can stare into the mirror without it getting too freaky lookin.

We went to her apartment and she had this baby iguana. I was holding it and I felt like it was talking to me because I had pet iguanas in the past and they died. And she had one of those little beta fish and then I just sat there for awhile holding the iguana and then I felt really close to animals. Then she took the iguana and was teasing it to make it mad to make it wiggle it's tail around and I got so mad at her and told her to stop it and I took the iguana away from her.

Then the best part of the trip that I enjoyed was when she just drove me around while I was on shrooms and listening to music. That's my favorite thing to do. I was just mind tripping and learning a lot of things about myself and about life. I loved looking up to the stars and wanting so bad to be with someone I loved and I felt like the most wonderful person in the world and wanted to find someone that I can share my life with. And also something was telling me that you can't have fear in your life or it'll control you like an invisable wall all around you. And that no matter what, you can't think negatively about things or else that's what you're gonna attract. You have to think positively and believe in yourself and everything will come if your patient and if you work for it and believe. Cuz all your wishes and dreams are heard, they're out there manifesting and something is in store for you. And on your journey to make your life good, things are gonna try to stop you, but you have to stay positive. I would always let those negative feeling get me down, but now anymore, I block them out.

But really during my trip, I so badly wanted to be with someone I love looking up at the stars, and telepathically letting them know and feel how much I love them. I don't want to do shrooms again until I'm with someone I love. Because I think that'll make it real special.

I finally left my friends and just went out driving by myself listening to music in my car. I started to feel like there's something out there that's watching over me and listening to me. I knew Who that was. But then I started to feel like I was in some kind of an experiment and there were like aliens watching over me and studying about me. But whatever it is that's out there, everytime I do shrooms I feel love. I feel love for myself as well as love from the Supreme Being. I can't wait to find my one love. And I do believe that girls can love girls. So when I find her, I'll make sure to write how that shroom trip goes... maybe it'll be years from now, I don't care, I'm gonna wait for that one special one. For any of you who have had a shroom trip with someone you truly love, your so lucky. Never take that experience for granted! With or without shrooms, there's nothing better than being under the stars with your love....

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