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Stairway to Heaven

Hi I'm Jo, I'm 14 and Ive done shrooms a few time.

Hi I'm Jo, I'm 14 and Ive done shrooms a few time. Yesterday i tripped hard.

It was Friday and i had 40 bucks Nome so i decided to go pick up shrooms.The guy gave me 8gs 4 the 40$. I hate tripping during the day so i waited till 11:30 pm to eat the shrooms. Now that batch of mush was very power full. It was all golden caps!!! no stems!!! So i took off my clothes and layed in my bed i took my mp3 and put it on stairway to heaven repeat, that way the only song i would be hearing the whole night is stairway to heaven lol.

It took exactly 30 mins for the shrooms to hit me at midnight precisely i started to feel weird. After 15 minutes of buzz i was kinda disappointed. No hallucinations. then things became FUCKED!!!! I dont know if my eye were open or closed all i know is that i was walking on some beautiful white stairs... everything around me was light blue... people were around me...animals too... everything was inside me and outside at the same time... i was nowhere and everywhere at the same time...i was nothing and everything...all i know is that i was climbing these stairs and apparently i would never reach where they were going...Finally i arrived at a place where time and space didn't exist...

I met God he was Having a spliff i asked him for tokes and he gave me a few...His weed was rly good lol...Then all went black and i heard something... not loud at all...barely noticeable...i will forever rember these words:

''Your stairway lies on the whispering wind''

To me these seven word were the key of life. As if everything that existed could be understood just by hearing that.

When i woke up/unbuzzed it was 12:00

I dont even know if i was awake or asleep while tripping... all i know is that these 12 hours were the best in my life...

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