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Spiritual Awakening

My cousin and I jumped the fence in a small field in Cocoa.

My cousin and I jumped the fence in a small field in Cocoa. We were having no luck when we stumbled on a path of patties full of mushrooms. I had never really "tripped" before of of those thing but I was willing to give it a try since I was young and supposidly invincible. We at the shrooms and chased them with sunny D since I heard the vitamin C helps heighten the potency. We started on our drive back to Gainesville on a sunny day in August. At first I started to feel drunker than hell haha. My cousin and I would start conversing about what we felt like and then eralized we were mumbling softly. Next thing I know 30 minutes later and the world around the interstate becase Mario World with a soft puffy shape to everything. I thought I had died ahnd gone to heaven as bad as that sounds. I kept asking my cousin if we had died and a car wrecdk and he just kept saying now is not the time for talking now is the time for driving haha. He thought he was some kind of Buddha but I listened and my world changed everything became blissful and in every car that passed by me or i it there were gorgeous blonds in them. The cars seem to have this shiny metallic look to them like space ships with no cracks (door breaks) in them whatsover. I got back to the house somehow (the drive was horrible, going 90 trippin balls) and walked upstairs to talk to my roomate. We told him how we felt and told him we had now reached inner peace. We talked for 2 hours having a conversation only the gods and our roomate could understand. We talked of War and peace and even life and death and when the trip finally ended with us melting into the carpet...I almost cried. I must say of the drugs you could ever do...Shrooms take you to a higher level

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