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space monkeys with shiny eyes


so. i ate 1/8 an ounce of mushrooms.

I started out eatting only half about 11:10. i was by myself. i watched tv for an hour. ate the other half about 12:00. really dissappointed at 11:40. then my stomach started to hurt. it started to rain in my apartment. i was terrified. i then talkedo a few people online about the indoor rain. Acted wild for a while and then ZAAAAM. closed my eyes and saw the most terrifying thing ever-- space monkeys with shiny eyes.i then messed up things in my apartment. then--- some blankets i had torn up looked like a monkey web. so i beat it with a golf umbrella. by that time i had made the space monkeys mad. they surrounded my apartment i sat in my hallway in sheer terror. 30 minutes later i went to my closet to prepare my "monkey riot gear" which consisited of 4 shirts drapped around me. another 30 minutes of crawling around lead to the monkeys talking to me and threatning my life. so i gathered my knifes and bb handgun and my ever trusty throwing star! i sat there in terror for another hour. i was talking to my friends to the whole time. they went to my parents to pull me out my trip, damnit it worked. i was gathering the courage to fight the monkeys too!

1/8 of an ounce
dried 'shrooms , ate, held in mouth
260 weight
male to female transsexual on hrt

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