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Space and Time

When I trip, I place myself in a certain state of mind, like I am about to go on a long, well-deserved vacation to somewhere I've already been, somewhere I really love.

When I trip, I place myself in a certain state of mind, like I am about to go on a long, well-deserved vacation to somewhere I've already been, somewhere I really love. This is where it gets tricky.

When I trip, that's the place where I always start, a ""base camp" if you will. It's somewhere inside my mind, somewhere comfortable, where I feel safe. It's a place, a state of mind, they're one and the same.

Space and time are intertwined, like a very fineley-woven silk tapestry. In life, you're following just one thread of this tapestry, alnog one other thread is space. You also follow this one. Think about this for a minute or two days or so and you will MAYBE get it.

Now, think of your life as one tiny thing that is occuring in a universe. THE WHOLE UNIVERSE, think of EVERYTHING and how you tie into it.
Look at a piece of thread. look at the tip of it. Look at one fiblre. TRY to look at one ATOM, one MICRON at the tip of this thread. Now think of that micron, that molecule as a tiny little universe. Now imagine someone living in that tiny universe in that molecule on the end of that string. Think of how big THEIR little universe must seem to them. Now pretend you are that person, you live in what you THINK is a HUGE universe, but it's only a little one, on the end of a string, which is made up of billions of other universes just like it, and all these universes make up just one STRING. One string out of all the matter and EVERYTHING WHICH IS CONTAINED THROUGHOUT THE GALAXY, THROUGHOUT THE UNIVERSE, it's pretty small, yet ALL THE MATTER IN THE UNIVERSE is also small because it, in turn is just a molecule, one of millions of molecules which makes up a bigger universe, which in turn is just a molecuse out of millions in AN EVEN BIGGER UNIVERSE!!!

Now imagine that oonce you become aware of it, you can make the jump into a bigger universe and become a part of it. Become bigger. And you can become BIGGER, and SMALLER and once big you can chose one of any of the MILLIONS of molecules in your universe and go into THAT MOLECULE'S UNIVERSE!

Pretty intense no? Now remember the tapestry, all this is only half of it, the strings that are running one way. The strings that run the other way control TIME.

Time is somewhat simpler, and yet more complicated than SPACE.

There is an unlimited amount of time. and with experience you will find that once you reach a point in space, a spot in any universe throughout infinity, that you can also pick any point in time. Be it 954 billion years into the past, or 954 billion years into the future. You can go "anytime" you want just like you can go "anyplace" or "anywhere".

Or you can also stay right here in this universe, right now, at this time and look very closeley at things. You will see that they are not as they seem. Everything is made up of something bigger or smaller, or is something else in disguise.Nothing is really "REAL".

Now imagine that ALL the UNIVERSES throughout ALL OF TIME are composed of nothing "REAL". None of it is real. So then what is? You have to go BEYOND it all. Look THROUGH "reality" into REALITY. You can dab around in fake universes, throughout time that doesn't exist all you want and it can be fun, but I know of a bigger thing. If you look outside of "reality" you will find REALITY. Or will you?

I have spoken to the "keeper" of "REALITY". The mantis. He says that there is still more, a bigger "reality" controlled by a more powerful "keeper" and each of these "realities" is just one out of BILLIONS at the end of a string. A string made up of BILLIONS of REALITIES. EACH MADE OF BILLIONS OF UNIVERSES, EACH MADE UP OF BILLLIONS OF MOLECULES WHICH ARE EACH, IN TURN, DIFFERENT UNIVERSES, WITH DIFFERENT REALITIES.


And there's still MORE! It keeps getting BIGGER and more VAST and EXPANSIVE. The mantis told me to be careful, to keep track of where I explore. He guided me home the first time. From then on I have plotted down the path I follow when I go off exploring infinity. I hope to meet someone, somewhere in some universe at some point in time that is REAL who can explain to me what it's all about.

That's what I look for. I explore different universes, different times, different realities, but I always get pulled away before I can really get anywhere. It's always as soon as things start to make sense that I have to go away until the next journey, where I will have to start all over again because everything will have shifted.

THis is just the tip of the iceberg.There's so much more I wish I could explain to you, but words can't describe infinity.
To explain it any further would require you to come trippin with me. I can take you only so far however,

then it's up to you.

Don't get lost.

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