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I finally did them

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On August 8th, I tripped for the first time ever. I am in 9th grade, and have pondered doing these since I was eleven or twelve years old.

My trip was not as great and mystical as I had wanted, desired, yet it was still a facinating experience of mind, body, and personality. My trips' intensity teetered between 1 and 2. I had a great sence of euphoria--- I felt as if I could soar. That, at least, was what the typical "body high" was causing me to feel like. This body high was much more strong and well-feeling than what you get from weed.

The hallucinations were not too incredibly vivid, but on occation, they were very apparent. At the peak, which took a long time to actually kick in, was when things started to breath and move. Every time I would look at the floor, it would rise up, and slant quite sharply. Walls would breath pretty often, and would sometimes tilt or become wavy. One of the greatest things about shrooms, to me, is the fact that they can truly make you realize how awesome it is to have friends, and to appreciate things like nature. They can also make the day seem worth-while, and almost everything is funny or funny looking. I am definately looking forward to trying shrooms again, this time taking at least a half eighth or greater. Just remember, it's mind over matter when you're on mushrooms, and DON'T FUCK WITH THEM EVER. Until next time, peace.

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