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Soul Travle

It was about 5:00pm and I got a phone call from a friend, he had said he was going to pick up some shrooms.

It was about 5:00pm and I got a phone call from a friend, he had said he was going to pick up some shrooms. So I said hook me up, He had picked me up at about 9:00pm. We went to the place where we were going to pick up the shrooms, we ended up getting drunk and doing a couple lines of coke. I was really drunk and spun out, my firend droped me off at about 12:00am. I then took an 1/8, I laid down a waited for the first visual effects. At that point I made a yohimbe bark tea, and took another 1/8. I turned off all the lights and stared off into the dark. Once reality started to fade and I couldnt reconize the place I was the phone rang and I sunndly came back man that was a rush. After I unpluged the phone I went into the bath room, there is 2 large mirrors that face each other so I grabed a seat and looked into one of the mirrors. I turned out the lights, and stared intensly into the mirror man that was a mind fuck, I saw hundreds of different worlds, each one had a consience mind trying to talk to me, They told me the truth about this world and how the evil had taken over it, and that it was my job to seek the truth and to fight the darkness with love and light. Since I could always go into a lucid dreaming state with out shrooms i had good mental focus i wasnt scared i was happy as hell, so I tried to go into a lucid dream state and that was the end of this world to my as I know it. I could see my soul being sucked into the spirit realm, It was so butiful there are no abjects only energy waves sound and light, by focusing on the energywaves I saw that each one was its own consience, and that I too was only made of energy at that point. After talking to the spirits, I had learned why the earth extists and the spirits merge into the the human body at birth. They had also told me that there is still A higher realm that i could goto but i had to ask for permission from god. So i did I could then see my soul fall into a worepool of light and energy. At this point I had complete control of time, and the universe. This new realm that I had gone too was heven to me I could travle to any point in time past prensnt and future. Not only that but i could recall past lives at will, I had visoins of wars thousands of years ago, It was funny when travling threw time you dont think about time you try to go back to a certian thought, I understood that once a thought is created its a never ending chain of events after that thougt. So if I wanted to stop something or change the future i could go back the the point where that thought was created and change it so in turn the chain of events would be chaged. It had seemed like i was there for hundreds of years. I sunddly opened my eyes when the door to my house opened. Then it hit me i Have hundreds of years of knolegde in my head and that i could recall it when ever i want.

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