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Something more to life.

Ok, I have done mushrooms for about 3 years, so I am fairly novice compared to everyone else.

Ok, I have done mushrooms for about 3 years, so I am fairly novice compared to everyone else. I'm going to describe what happened on my birthday last year, which I feel was a level 5.

I was having a blast at my 18th birthday party, everything was all set up, people were smoking, drinking, tripping shrooms, none of thats really important, is it? OKAY, back to the subject. I had made a smoothie with orange juice, strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and about 6 grams of my aunts "SPECIAL" stuff. I drank my concoction as I was partying and talking with my friends, then everything began to warp a bit. I went through all 4 levels before I reached the 5th.

Level 1: I began to see slight alterations to reality, it was as if reality itself was a mere tapestry.

Level 2: Things started to become more vibrant, and colorful... like I was seeing things for the first time.

Level 3: By this time I was starting to think I was in the television. I was playing Super Mario Bros. 3 on my SNES, and I began to think I was Mario (or was it Luigi...)

Level 4: I stopped playing the videogame and began to look at myself in the mirror (I vomited most of what I ate for the past week) and noticed that I was turning into some sort of creature. it was like a cross between a dragon, a phoenix, and a demon.

Level 5: I lost touch of reality. By then the party was over and a few of my shroomer friends were passed out in my front room (according to my mom). The world began to drip away like a melting candle and soon, I blacked out. I opened my eyes to find the universe in my hands... the vastness of everything was held in my palms. I could see my past, present (at that point), and future. I saw what everyone in my life was going to be doing, and watched them burn away like a liquid flame. The complete EVERYTHING was like a sick dream, but I was awake. I couldnt breathe, think, smell, feel (like touch), and I became an emotionless void. Colors were swirling around and creating almost arcane symbols, and pictures. It was almost as if I WAS dead. I couldnt believe what was going on, it was like talking to the gods and goddesses themselves. So much was revealed to me, yet I couldnt feel, or think on what I was shown... I went temporarily insane. I blacked out again, and "woke up" from that experience.

They say level 5 is like dieing, but not, and very hard to comprehend, to put into words. What I have just described is what I have experienced. I was 6'1" and 125 lbs. I am not saying what I experienced was ANYTHING what everyone else has had, but I could have sworn I learned the meaning of life. I wont go into detail on that since it is a HIGHLY controversial issue, but please comment and tell me what you thought.

Artevio Zephyr Blackheart

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