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Something different..

Description of Mindset & Setting: Night, at my friends house.

Description of Mindset & Setting: Night, at my friends house.. in this little house by his real house.. and In a good mood

Details of any preparations made for the experience: Just to take them when his parents went to bed so no interruptions

Dosage & Timing Information: 2 grams each, of semi at 10:15 PM

Notes on any other foods or medicines that could have also played a role in your experience: He ate supper.. I didn't eat the whole day

Aproximate Body Weight, Gender, Age:
chris *me* : 120-130 pounds, Male, 16
andrew: around the same, male, 15

Aight heres some background.. I've done shrooms once before the same kind and the same amount, and had a pretty good trip, the only other drugs I've done is weed. andrew has never done shrooms but does weed frequent like me.

Aight so we were in this little hut thing by his house so we could be alone. it was reasonbly cold in there. but we had kool-aid, a camera, and weed..

so we each munched down 2 g's.. and waiting for the effects to come in.. Its hard to explain how it started.. I had my mini dvd player going with pink floyd: the wall and watching the visual parts.. * goodbye blue sky ect.* and we both felt kindof stoned.. I turned off the lights and it was all dark except for the movie going.

the wallpaper in there was just green with lots of little flowers.. well I started to be able to control the flowers with my mind and I felt this was pretty cool.. so I went over to there mirror and turned on the light, and nothing was happening till I stood still, and my face started changing into what looked like a demon.

I told andrew to look in the mirror but he wouldn't move he just layed there enjoying the trip. I noticed the pattern of the wood flowing.. and everything I touched felt really cool.. then I remember a brought a pepsi.. I opened it and started drinking it, I expected it to taste different but it didn't.. but the texture of it in my mouth felt really amazing... so I shut off the light and went back to the bed.. and I was laying agains the wall.. and then I melted into the wall.. I was getting scared or anything.. but then me and andrew started talking and we both couldn't understand the meaning of life.

It just didn't make sense to us.. then I grabbed his wrist and it felt so weird so I let go.. then I shut off the dvd player.. and sat back againts the wall melted into it again, and stared across the room.. and it was like those kalioscopes things.. so many different patterns so beautifull and yet so trippy.. anyways I turned the dvd player back on.. and I could see andrew again.. but his face seemed to be sunken in and he turning into a different person and I was really getting scared.. so I made him turn on the light..

we started talking bout life again.. this part is a bit fuzzy and confusing.. hard to remember.. but the pink floyd movie wasn't doin nothin for us.. but the music was.. each time the song changed it would set a different mood for the trip which I found very amusing.. so I got back up and went to the other side of the room.. there was a big window there but we covered it up earlier.. with a bed sheet.. but it was flowing like the wood.. but it was breathing out and it seemed like it wanted to fly around..

That got me very scared.. then I looked out a different window and outside looked so different.. so I went outside againts andrew's wish's.. and it was so weird out there... but beautifull he has alot of trees and big one's.. and it looked like a tottally different place.. there was a bit of snow on the ground but it had a green aura going to it.. the sky seem brighter than usual.. and when I was walking it felt like I was walking down into the ground.

It was a bit cold so I went back inside.. and andrew was laying there trippin out so I went and joined him and we got to talking some more.. and somehow we were talking bout how it was just us in the world.. againts everyone else.. and that the shack we were in.. the little house was our sanctuary away from everyone else...

so I went over to this table that had a weird carved design in it.. and I put my hands on it and rubbed it and it felt so amazing.. then I started biting the wood.. Yes I was biting it.. and it seemed so right.. so back onto the bed again.. I drank soem kool-aid and handed andrew the cup.. and then for some stupid reason he poured it on my hand.. thoa it was probably the most amazing feeling ever.. it was quite stupid he spilt half of it on him and on the bed.. then he got up.. and his exspensive camera was under him..

I noticed how stupid he was bein.. and I was laughing cause he spilt juice on his camera.. I got worried and put my dvd player away cause who knows what he might do next... I didn't eat the whole day I don't know if that would give me a stronger trip or what. anywho we were laying in the dark again some more talking.. and I was wearing a hoody.. so I had the string hanging down.. to tighten it.. so I grabbed that and stuck it in my mouth.. and was chewin on it for like awhile and it felt like it was apart of me.. and then somehow I got a coathanger and was biting that.. but then andrew was bein a dick and said he was going inside... this all felt like 8 hours but it was more like.. 2 hours..

but he didn't go.. my nasua came back and I started to feel uneasy and I thought mayby if I toked I would feel better.. but we lost all 3 lighters so I went back outside and went in his house.. and I grabbed one came back out to the little house.. and I was havin a hard time finding my weed... I found it and he finally left me aloen in there.. and I tried to toke but it wasn't working to well.. I was alone in there and I started talking to myself and getting very scared..

so I left all my weed and bong out and went inside.. Im glad his parents were sleepin I went upstairs.. and I seen someone laying on the couch.. I thought it was his mom cause she was laying there earlier.. so I went and checked the time and came back to the couch.. and It still looked like her.. so I left to the kitchen again.. and I looked back and I seen andrew walk by like he was scared..

so I followed him to his room... and he was already on msn talkin to people.. and then he got a blanket on the bed cause I was going to sleep there.. so I went and layed in bed.. he was walking around in the middle of the night 2:00.. and he was cleaning up.. and I started getting very scared.. thinking none of this is real.. *this is very hard to explain* and each second I was reborn again.. and I started thinking the shrooms have made me mental insane.. and a schizo cause I was talking to myself.. I tried to sleep but I couldn't stop thinking.. *this is alot scarier then it sounds*

so I took my pants off and shirt to get comfortable.. andrew walks in and see's my shirt hung around my neck.. and he laughs.. and says he just bout took a shower and then he leaves again.. * he went downstairs but he couldn't get his xbox to work.. he told me this in the mourning*. and I was laying in the dark thinking how fucked up I am.. I wanted to talk to someone who wasn't tripping but I still knew right from wrong.. so I layed there thinking im going to be like this for the rest of my life.. so I went on his comp and tried to get media player to work but his computer was running so low

so I went back to bed and was still thinking of how fucked up I am.. everything is still moving.. the walls breathing and such.. the usual.. and I go back on his computer and finally get media player to work and put some music on.. and then I layed in bed listening to it.. glad I got my mind off of the end of life and universe.. and fell asleep.. woke up with him on the computer.. I got like 3 hours of sleep.. my brain hurting but I was happy.. IM going to do shrooms again.. I was going to do 4 g's of that.. but im glad I only did 2 g's again.. it was an intense trip.. and I liked it alot..

Im not quite sure if this is a level 5 cause I wasn't having to hardcore of visuals..

but! I just remember when he went on the other side of the room he turned into a shadow person and was moving quickly.. Im probably forgettin a ton of stuff but yea thats all I can remember

Tell me what level u think this should be at

Thoa you cannot really tell.. because when I thought I was insane it was by far the scariest thign in my life.. anyways happy shrooming!!

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