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So Random...

One night at my house me and my stepbrother were jus chillin when my friend Justin comes over with two fat eighths of some premo boomerz!

One night at my house me and my stepbrother were jus chillin when my friend Justin comes over with two fat eighths of some premo boomerz! So I decided to split an eighth with my stepbro. I had shroomed a few times before so I wasnt to worried about it. I figured I would get a "nice little trip" out of it but i had no idea of what was in store for me. We flipped on the TV and watched THE RUNDOWN with the Rock (I thought the movie sucked off the shrooms, but it was good while trippin!!!). In one scene in the movie, the Rock eats some fruit and starts to hallucinate, so I thought what I was seeing was a part of the movie. I started seein colors Ive never seen before. When I asked the other guys if they saw it too, they said it was just in the movie. Later on in the film, I remebered that the part where the Rock is trippin was already over and I was straight-up trippin balls. Their faces were like blobs and colors were everywhere. Then I look over at Justin and it looked like the couch was eating him!!! Then my stepbro (a.k.a. "The Guy In The Robe") is laughing and he reminds me of a demon. Later on my friend Justin starts rockin out on the guitar (he can wail!!!) and we are just chillin. Then my stepbro turns on the lights and we all look like midgets. It was like we were 3 feet tall. So we start laughing at each other cuz shit is actin so crazy!!! Later on, we decide to turn off all the lights in my big basement. Justin and my stepbro are chasing each other like a couple of fuckin animals and I decide to play the "Crocodile Hunter" and comentate on their animal-like behavior....it was strange. Later on that night, with the lights still off, Justin is rockin out on the guitar and the light from the computer creates a dimness. I'm sitting down and all of a sudden my shadow starts talking shit and flicking me off, so I start to get pissed and cuss-out my shadow. Then, we decide to get on the internet which is probally one of the most trippiest things (go to these websites: http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/flash/badgers.php
http://www.fungusamungus.com - do edit, select all).
After the nonsense on the internet, we decide to turn on the TV and the nonsense continues. All of a sudden Tom Green appears on TV in a boat and he is just yelling...? We laugh our asses off for no reason. As the night goes on my mind wonders farther and farther and NOTHING MAKES SENSE!!! Everything is so fuckin random! As my mind wanders, I forget how to be myself. I experienced serious ego death and my trip took a turn for the worst. I couldnt remember simple things like my favorite food or how I used to act. I was tryin to stay chilled so as not to freak out the other guys. So I decided to chill the fuck out and listen to some music (some Tool, Manson, OZZY, Alice in Chains). So I finally started to calm down and dive back into the random nonsense that was so strangely funny. As shit started to calm down (at about 4:00 AM), Justin pops another crunchy shroom in his mouth and decides to go home. My trip was fun but it was also scary. One thing was for sure though...it was sooo damn random!!!

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