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Slice of life

The night is a calm one.

The night is a calm one.
The wind blows gently through the trees,
flowing with a perfect temperature.

Mark shows up.
It's always good to see Mark.
He doesn't hang out too much, but when he does, those are some memorable nights.

Me and Jef, the "acid-heads" (whatever that is), are glad to see Mark.

"HEY!!! Look what I got!"

"Are those mushrooms?"

"Yep. Straight outta Oregon."

Cool. I had never tried mushrooms before this.

We eat the mushrooms, then decide to rent movies. Jef and Mark go to get them, while I stay home.
Our roommate Tommy comes in.
Now Tommy is an unusual guy.
He was raised by rednecks, so he still has that arrogant southern pride thing going on, but he can be really cool.
Me and Tommy are watching TV, Tommy rambling on about stupid shit, me waiting for the drugs to kick in.
All of a sudden, the TV looks wierd.
Wait a minute...this can't be happening so soon.
We only ate them fifteen minutes ago.

I can't sit down...can't watch TV...got to keep moving.
The bathroom...I'll go to the bathroom, maybe be alone.
No!! the bathroom is no good! The cracks in the walls are too intense.
Why is this hitting me this hard and fast???

My room. Yeah, that's it. Maybe start playing my guitar, that'll keep my mind off of things.

Yeah, I got this new effects processer to play with...let's find some good sound effects.

Did I hear a door?

"C-C-had" Jef calls out with a shaky voice.

"I'm there, man"

Now the night is moving faster, becoming a blur.
There are some deep thoughts in the hallway, dancing with the shadows from candles. I'm hearing echoes,echoes,echoes.

Somewhere along the way, we decide to listen to me play guitar.

That's exactly what I did.

I did not play the guitar, I listened to myself play.
The lights, little red and green ones. My eyes are transfixed. I look up and the lights follow, boring their way through my brain.

Now it's later.
What happened to then?
Let's listen to some music.
Red lights piercing the walls, an angry siren screeching STOP!!!
What's going on?
Fire trucks pulling up in front of the house!!
Is the house on fire?!?
What should we do?

Oh. The firemen are going next door. There's no fire?
I thought there was supposed to be a fire?

Oh well.

Hey....we got a movie.

Let's smoke some hash before we watch it.
Into the hallway again.

Okay, I'm done.
But Mark is still smoking.
I'll go inside and wait for him to finish.
The living room is so quiet...
The silence hurts my ears...
It's too much!!!
I need good music...
Hurry up Mark...
Where is some good music?
Hurry up Mark...
I can't find any good music...
HURRY UP MARK...please

The movie is safely started with no major trauma. "Creepshow"
Alright. Let's see some insanity!

The downward spiral begins.

I have a vision...
Me, Mark, and Jef are gathered around a glowing sphere. We have no bodies, just our heads floating in the void, connected by a thin line of energy. We're talking. Are we really saying this?

Back to the movie.

The big question is: Who can be more insane?

This movie is fucking with me!
I've been depressed lately, and this is the WRONG movie to watch.
I am more insane.
I think if I keep watching this, I might end up killing myself.
I really think I might kill myself.
I really hope I don't kill myself.

Then a voice.

so what if you kill yourself, you'll only die.

Death is not so bad. It's is nothing to be feared.
If I kill myself, that will be okay.


A blinding light courses through my soul.
My eyes roll up into the back of my head.
I can't see anything.
But the joy!!
The pure unfiltered happiness.
I feel the one energy of life flowing through me.
I am filled with life.
I am moving with life.


hello god
i've missed you so much

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