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My friend and I had already experienced the effects of shrooms before, but this was by far the most intense.

My friend and I had already experienced the effects of shrooms before, but this was by far the most intense. We ate them at my house and went to the bus stop at about 1:00pm. They really started kicking in on the bus. We took the bus downtown and as we stepped off the bus we entered another world. It hit me like a brick wall. We went to the mall as we discussed random thoughts. It was around Christmas time and the mall was extremely crowded. It wasn't a very good idea. I don't like malls to begin with. My eyes couldn't take in everything that they wanted to see. There were lights and decorations and people everywhere. My friend looked at my eyes and just said, "Your pupils are fucking huge." I put on my headphones and listend to some Marley to calm myself down and i had a cigarette. We decided we should leave after about a half hour. We went to my cousins house and watched a movie. I couldn't even pay attention and I was having the time of my life looking at everything around me. Then my grandpa and aunt came over which was too wierd for me so we decided to leave. We walked around in the street lights and started discussing 'simple complexities.' It started when we started watching car after car zoom by and Christmas lights everywhere and then seeing three huge tv antennas with lights that made them look like they were moving. We decided we needed to simplify things and we sat in the middle of our school field and relaxed. We couldn't stop laughing at ourselves and our conversations. We would determine that the whole situation was sketch, and then realize that we had nothing to worry about. The feeling that everything was going great and i could enjoy the shrooms was the best feeling. We discussed many things about our experience which was great. We walked to the school. I put on some Phish on my CDwalkman and we watched a pattern on a brick wall as it began to move. We eventually walked home and then smoked a bowl of nugs that night. I'll have images from that amazing day stuck in my head forever. I can't wait to do it all over again.

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