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it was an overcast day.

it was an overcast day.a fine day to take a vacation on shrooms.i was well in the right mindsetting to take them, so i called up my friend josh for the liberty caps.picked up an 1/8 and took them around 6:00pm, the sun sets around 8 out here so i would be able to catch the sunset.
i have tripped my fair share of times, and i always hit level 5.the reason behind that is because i KNOW shrooms quite well ,and learn more everytime,because everytime is a different trip. so in the next following paragraphs i will share with you my most recent trip.please realize that when it comes to shrooms NO words can describe my experiences....so this will be quite hard to explain.
my friends josh and andrew and myself all took an 1/8 each about 6pm.we just chow them down with some oj.within 30 minutes or so the effects tatrt to kick in...we all know those effects so i will skip right past them.we pop in PINK FLOYD the pulse and start enjoy watching sounds and hearing colors and appreciating what pink floyd has to offer.... for all you veteran shroomers who know what i mean.after and hour and a half or so i like to journey into my own mind(and yea i do like to trip by myself for an hour or so no distractions from other people)sometimes i will even sit in a dark closet and let my mind wander...I SEE WHAT I WANT TO SEE.i can sit in the closet and telpathically talk to josh and andrew in the living room LIKE I SAID BEFORE WHEN IT COMES TO SHROOMS WORDS DONT DESCRIBE SHIT!...SO WHY USE THEM?we can hold conversations with each other and get into each others heads.like i can feel that josh was thinking about his ex girlfriend who had recently broke up with him.i can also look at people and see their emotions in the clouds,walls,floors...etc. now that is some deep shit,no joke either.you can also see right through people like whether or not when they or laughing if they really meant that laugh or whatever the case may be.and then of course the curtains wave back and forth and the ceilings sags ,and i can see faces in the carpet, clouds,or basically whatever i want.shrooming involves endless thinking, and you wont stop thinking about something until you figure it out.every shroom trip for me is a past dream or deja vu,so in that sense i see everything before it happens....even when i am not shrooming my daily life is like that...and if i want to i can see shit when i am sober.so in all reality i could never do shrooms again and still shroom of LIFE ITSELF.but ther is always more to learn everytime. shrooms is real, shrooms is reality , so in all sense i live two realitys.the one that i have to live with everyday(the reality that is made up by society,and how they feel you should and what is fit)and the even more real reality of shrooms,but you see we cannot live in the reality of shrooms everyday because the rest of society looks at you like YOU are crazy ,when in all reality this society is crazy. but then again it is very few people that know what i know and that can and never will be fully described by myself or anyone because SHROOMS WONT LET YOU TELL PEOPLE!you have to find it out on your own,SOME people do and some people dont,some people dont want to know,some people cant handle knowing because its too hard to tell anyone else and that drives some people insane. people like me that know can handle it AND JUST GO WITH IT. AND LAUGH.shrooms will show you that this world aint shit nor is the reality of life in society.well they aint giving me anymore space. i will write more i can go on and on forever any quetions feel free to email at MURALS32@aol.com

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