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shrooms with Salvia - INTENSE

ok so me and my dawg are chillin in his house.

ok so me and my dawg are chillin in his house. We were both 16 at the time, hes probly 6 foot and 180 pound and im about 5 foot 8 inches and 185 pounds.
I am allergic to penicilin and lots of people have warned me about doing shrooms sayin ill die and all that shit. So even tho shrooms are my favorite drug i like to take it easy just incase you know, especially since i do so much of them. Both me and my friend do alot of shrooms...more then anyone in our school, but at this time i was younger and i had done them about 5 times before this. Just to make it easier lets call my friend Bob

So i call up my dope man and get him to deliver a quarter ounce of Shrooms. he come and drops it off and throws in an extra gram or two so now we got like 8.5 or 9 grams. This shit looked like some straight killer. Like i mean it looked sooooo good! they had blue spots everywhere and there was HUUUGE caps and not as many stems.

Since im a little freaked about shrooms because of my allergy to penicilin i ate 2 grams and my friend ate 3 grams.

Right away we went out and smoke a joint. this was the mistake. I find that I must wait untill the shrooms buzz kicks in BEFORE you smoke weed or else the shrooms dont work good. my friend also agrees with this. So we come back inside and turn on some Three Six Mafia and play some Conker's Bad Furday on PS2.

so after about 45 minutes we still fell nothin and i started to get pissed. I called up some other shroom heads i know and was like whats up with dope mans shrooms? and their all like man those zoomers are the best ive ever had. So we decided to waste some time and went for a walk to the park to look at the water fall. As were watching the waterfall we get the idea to eat more so i ate another 2 grams and so did Bob. So now i had aten 4 grams and bob had eaten 5 grams.

Then we went to another dope mans house and just chilled there smoked some fat blunts and listened to The Game, and had a few beers and a few shots of Bacardi 151. This place is chill as fuck cuz his mom gets medical weed and he gets some and its sooooooo good. Then he pulls out a bag of Salvia and i hit that shit. I take one massive haul off the bong filled with Salvia and i exhale and then tripped soooooooo bad. i looked at bobs face and his eyes where moving down his face and his nose moved to his fore head and everything was sooo fucked for like 5 minutes. I was frozen to the chair and just laughed sooooo hard i was crying. Then after 5 minutes i just laughed so hard for another 15. Now it was Bobs turn. he was scared to try but he did it and it didnt work for him.

So we left the dope mans and went to another park by a creek and he met with our best friend. Lets call him Joe. It was sooo weird seeing him there. So now we were at this park, about 1 hour and a half or 2 hours after eating the first bit of shrooms and all of a sudden it happened. BOOOOOOOOOOOOM all 4 grams kicked in sooo hard. but i was having the time of my life as i always do on shrooms. But Bob on the other hand was having a rough time. He started to get sick from the salvia and started puking. it was so scary becasue he was puking sooo loud and making weird noises and there was all these people looking at us. i was afraid of the cops coming so we grabbed bob and put him behind some trees in this opening by the creek. this part was sooo fucked up! it was cloudy at this time of day and there was an opening in the clouds and a beam of light shone just on bob. Joe even saw it to and he was only high off weed.

I dont remember alot of the rest of the day but i tripped for like 6 or 7 hours...usually my buzz dies after 4 hours. I remember feeling out of my body ...its hard to explain but its like i couldnt control what i was saying...it just came out on its own but i said all the right things and i wouldnt realize what i said till after i heard myself hear...almost as if it wasnt me talking.

i swear to god that day fucked me up so bad sometimes i get the out of body feeling at random times.

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