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I danced with a lamp

I have always been seeking different kinds of rushes, and one day i found a verry interesting swedish site on the web, where you can buy legal drugs, i.

I have always been seeking different kinds of rushes, and one day i found a verry interesting swedish site on the web, where you can buy legal drugs, i.e. cubensis. So I thought "what the hell.." so I ordered a small dose, just to try. I tried to educate myself as best I could, an about four days later it was time. My friends are not verry liberal, so i thought I'd have a one man party, and man did I. I dident want a bad trip for my first time, so i dosed quite moderatly, about 1,5 grams, and waited for the effect. About an hour later i was stoned. The usuals..The colors, the visual F/X dissiness, and above all- I was HAPPY. But after a while I wanted more, and I had read that nitrobuthane gas was a killer in combination with shrooms, and that should be what you would expect to find in a preassure spraycan, right? Well I turned my shavingfoam bottle up side down, and inhaled the gas, and wow what a turbo kick. I saw different patterns developing all over my ,by now, naked chest, and in the mirror I my face stardet to look more and more fish-like. Cool I thought, and returnet to my bed room, to absorbe all new experiences I could find. I was wearing a blue-glassed pair of sun glasses, with those cheap lenses thar normally makes everything look two dimentionall. That i s if you are not stoned on psychedelia, when they make 2D surfaces look three dimentional. In one corner of my bedroom I have this lamptree, with five arms that stretch half way across the room, and it casts shadows of itself in the corner in a verry symetrical way. Now, stoned and open to suggestions, and allso wearing my cheap sunglasses, these shadows seemed to be 3D, and they allso seemed to belong to the lamp in some organic way. This lamp-thing stardet to roar at me, wich myself and Jim Morrison, who screamed out of my speakers found verry amusing, and we laughet at the lamp-entity and it's attempts to scare me. This obviously made the creature verry sad and I felt bad for it, so I started to dance with it, and it seemed to settle with that. By now the effect of the gas must have worn off, because I found myself in tis quite awkwart possision, where I was dancing with parts of my furniture. After about three hours the effect of the shrooms started to weare off, and i went in to yet another state of mind. I was so tired I could hardly stand up, so I just layed in bed for a few hours and smoked cigarettes. Another "hangover effect" was that I was verry hungry afterwards. All in all a verry pleasent experience, but I can't stress enough on the importance of modesty in dossing the firt time, and the importance of beeing in the right mood whn you are tripping, because some of my later ecperiences have been much scarier. One time I was actually scared of my "living lamp", and the fact that I thought I was some kind of fish alien was not so amusing any longer. So: Try it Try it with friends Don't take too much the first time ALWAYS be in a good mood when you embark on your journey to "the outer limits..." Mr Magoo

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