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On Saturday I hooked up half an ounce of shrooms.

On Saturday I hooked up half an ounce of shrooms. I decided that it was time for me to try a high dosage trip. The most that I had ever had before was about 4 grams. SK and I divided up three eigths between us. I took about 6.2 grams and he took about 4.3 g with our Subway sandwiches. We went out onto the porch for a while, smoking little cigars, until the sun started bothering us. I decided to go back inside and take a shower. While showering, the trip started to come on. I began to see some closed eye visuals, and a light green Green began to show in the center of the white shower tiles. The water also began to take over an aqua kind of color.

When I got out of the shower, the rug in my room had green and red colors dancing and swirling through it. I sat on the couch and talked to SK for a bit. I felt like I was endlessly falling into the couch. At this point, I took 2 mg of melatonin, just for the hell of it. Soon, DC called up and said he was going to come over. About an hour or so into the trip, everything started to have the same red and green colors outlining it. While SK and I waited for him, we went into my room and turned off the lights in order to look at the glow-in-the-dark stars in my room. I was not tripping very hard yet, but I was seeing some amazing patterns in the dark areas between the stars.

DC came over, and kicked it for a bit. At this point, my perspective went totally haywire. The wall that was about 15 or so feet from me looked more like it was 40 or 50 feet away. Soon SK started tripping really hard, and went off into a bedroom. DC and I talked for a while, and I attempted to play some bond with him, but I found video games to be quite boring. About an hour and forty five minutes into the trip, CW came over, and him and DC decided to split the remaining eighth. They each took their half and the three of us talked for a while. As we were talking, I began to feel more and more dreamy. Their faces started to look all bent out of shape, like the was at a strange angle with the bottom half, as if someone had cut their heads straight through, and then put the top half back on crooked. When I first noticed that the countertop was flowing around, I knew that it was time to go lay down in my bed. DC and CW left the place to go off on their own adventure.

I went into my bed and lay down, and immediately saw these warm purple gears all around me, I felt myself being engulfed by them. At this point SK came into the room and chilled next to me. I began to feel really cold, and got up and closed the door the porch which had been left open. I ran back to my bed to find the purple gears again, but when I lay down, and closed my eyes, I saw pendulums of light all around me. These were purple and green, and as they swung back and forth, I could feel them sending joy through me. Then all of a sudden, I was in an enormous ice cave, everything began to freeze over and crystallize. I could feel my mind clearing as the crystals formed. Then soon, I felt a great weight lifted off my shoulders, and snow began to fall off of the crystals, as I felt myself attaining inner piece.

After my mind had cleared, and I had set myself free from any human thoughts or worries, what looked like red and yellow tentacles of sea annenemi (I know that's not how it is spelled) began reaching out for me. They were caressing me in euphoria. I did not know what was happening for a while. But soon, I knew what they were doing, they were pulling me into shroomland. I began to breathe faster and faster, deeper and deeper, with each breath I felt pure ecstasy run through me. The tentacles were wrapping me in joy. Suddenly my mind completely cleared, I rolled over and powerful tremors of happiness began to run through my body. I was in an electrical bliss, completely still, being jolted by the beauty of the shrooms. And then I slowly began to leave shroomland. With each breath, I could still feel the joy I felt there, but I was sad because I was no longer in its complete rapture.

I sat up so SK could give me a bong rip. The wall at the other end of my bedroom looked like if was about 20 feet further away than it was, and the entire room seemed to have warped so that the opposite wall a parallelogram rather than a rectangle. SK looked completely bent out of shape, and kind of morphed from position to position, rather than moving in a smooth motion. My feet looked enourmous. I closed my eyes for a moment, and it was as if I could see right through them, but then the image I was seeing bubbled up in the center, like there was a huge magnifying glass in front of it. I took a piss and then lay back down, I was seeing this village that was built by a river in a shroom forest, and I wanted to be there. But I knew that my time in shroomland was over for tonight. I started to feel my own facing. It felt strange, as if my face was not actually a part of me, and I was using my hands for the first time ever. This effect slowly went away.

SK and I talked for quite some time, as we talked I navigated through an abstract visual representation of everything that we talked about, it was quite amazing. Eventually, we got up and I ate a bit of food. SK was laying on the couch, and his body looked completely out of proportion, first his feet would seem gigantic, and then his shins looked like they were only about half a foot long. I had an amazing time this night, and wish to spend much more time in shroomland, for there is much to be learned there, and much to experience. One final note is that the day after the trip, today, I felt an amazing shroom after-glow all day, that just made the experience even better.

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