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I got some shrooms from Davis, CA, they were California Gold Caps.

I got some shrooms from Davis, CA, they were California Gold Caps. I ate about 4 1/2 grams, after they kicked in i had a mirror experience where you get stuck in the mirror for like 15 min. We went outside to get some cigarettes, people were trippin or i was, i had extream paranoya, if i saw someone i was scared of them, and thought that the cops were on there way, peoples faces were melting, nothing made sense, i was lost and i was convinced that i was homeless, so i would lay down on the ground and refuse to move, so we went back inside and i locked myself in the bathroom. I passed out to the point where in my mind i was dead i didn't know that i was in my friends bathroom, i kept talking to my best friend that wasn't even there, imitating voices so it sounded like there was two people there, i thaught i was in a bathroom of a park that i used to play at and there was a mob of people that wanted to kill me, but then i realized that was impossible so i must be dead. My friend that i was talking to in my head showed up to give me a ride home i thought he was fake, but when we got in the car i felt like i experienced something, and that i was more human than human, like a profit of god, i came to the conclusion of every single question of god, the world, anything i believed i knew the anwsers, but i couldnt explain it. I had soiled myself through out the night i was convinced that i was dead, so i didn't think i needed my body. This may seem bad but it was a hell of an experience, i have shroomed again since then and it was a blast.

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