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shroomin off the planet

This trip happened to me over a year ago and i felt i had to share it because i cant find too many similar stories.

This trip happened to me over a year ago and i felt i had to share it because i cant find too many similar stories. a couple of my friends and myself have similar experiences just about every time.
i actually had a choice from 3 oz. i had purchased. it was my 3rd time and the 1st 2 trips i really hadnt felt anything or it was verrry mild. this time was a bit different. i consumed 4 grams or dried mushrooms. i had a 2.5 cap in there. we were in my freinds appartment and i felt a little anxious right away. we packed a hookah full of buds and got high untill it was gone. we were listneing to the grouch and it was triping me out cauz it was new to me. later i would learn THE GROUCH is the shit along with the whole living legends. ne ways i was pacing around the house knowing i was in for something big about to hit. 1 of my friends was mildly shrooming from earlier in the day and my other friend ate about 2.8 with me, much of that shake. this other kid said he was shroomin when he got there and my shrooming friend and i put this kid in our world and we totally thought we were all there together. any of my other friends sitting around i told to come to where we were at. Immediately. anxiety was building so we had to get out. we drove to a spot we call the Grassh Knoll. on the way i remember we all were looking at some chinese person in a van with our mouths open and she was a little frightened. we started walking up this grassy hill when the walls came crumbling down. we all fell over and started sinking into the grass. i was yelling somthing like wholey shit a couple times cauz my visuals were the tightest shit ever. down towards the bottom of the hill the tree leafs turned into little green bubbles and were circiling in and out of eachother. across the parking lot at the bottom and the freeway and a shopiing center, there is a hillside with houses about a mile or 2 away. the hill turned into little horizontal sections about an inch wide and was waving all the way across. i was still holding my hair and saying wholey shit. then i looked down at a patch of grass between my legs and it shot up at me and started circling. after a few minutes we realized we were the furthest point on the planet where we were laying and it felt like we were on the edge of the planet. visuals werent quite existant any more, just the colors were brighter than ever. kinda seemed like the simpsons colors. so as i passed the visual plane i was talking to my friend klye about a lot of crazy realizations we were coming to. shit we already knew but didnt know we had in us. we talked about shrooms and drugs and how they were some sort of loop holes, meant to be here and a bunch of stuff i cant remember. we talked aobut life and knowing there was a god. while speaking of these things my friend and i were actually triping out in layers off the planet. reaching a new plane every minute or so. its hard to explain or comprehend but this is the shit that happens to me and some close friends, usually. after a few minutes of triping further off the planet (outer body)i felt like i hit the peak of consciousless (later i was told it was only the peak of my consciousness) but it was about 6 layers out and all i can recall is almost a bright light at the top. my friend and i tripped for about 2 hours like this but i dont quite remember what we were talking aobut during the last hour or 2 of the peak. all i know is i was talking and he was agreeing. later like 6 of our other friends walked up and we were kinda tripped out couldnt quite put it all together for them. they started wrestling and doing whatever but it was crazy cauz it seperated the shroomers and the sobers. we kinda trailed behind in our group and we just couldnt help it so that really tripped us out. i deffinately fried lightly for a few more hours but i was down compared to earlier that day. in conclusion those layers are real and it taked more than an 8th to venture over that edge. my friends that know what i am talking about usually eat well over an 8th, about 5 gs to a quad usually. even up to a quarter lb. but thats really rare. Dam its been a litte since i shroomed. its about that time. peace

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