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04/30/04 i had 2 vikadin earlier today before i went to school {for 10:00} that made me feel good but kinda sick afterwards.


i had 2 vikadin earlier today before i went to school {for 10:00} that made me feel good but kinda sick afterwards. when i got to G's house after skool, {he didn't go today} he drove us to this wicked sweet place & we smoked & walked over to this pond that was there & we were gonna walk over a bridge to get to the other side but there were hornets all over it.

trippin face rite now, lol. its so great. just got back from B's house {G & him were jammin there throughout the night {and Bill at one point too}. yea so, trippin balls by the way. i paid 20 bux for a bag, we ate em at like 5:30, {i gave Bill a little stem} but B ended up giving me $10 back cuz we all shared the rest of my bag later on at like 8:30. the mushrooms were like blue inside the stems and the caps had little gold paint-chip type looking things on them. there were 2 wicked wicked tiny ones, they were so cute. i felt bad eating them. rite before i had to leave at like 9:50, it started REALLY kickin in. i saw trails on the cars goin by when i stepped out to leave. i thought about pullin over on the drive but knew it would just make it worse. i was listening to killswitch engage but had to turn it off cuz it was gettin to me. i come home and this does not look like my yard. everything was so big and GREEN. the ivy on the trees looked so neat, and so did the big oak tree as i was pulling into my driveway. i wanna go out and look at the yard. at the stars & almost full moon. my house inside is not my house.

i pull up to my house and its dark inside from the outside except for the tv which my parents are watching and colors are just pouring out of it into the room. i thought it would be cool to write here while I'm tripping. i am loving this. there were madd trails on the lights driving home, this one guy behind me, his lights were casting shadows on me and i could see the shadows of my car on the hills in front of me as i was driving. i can't really explain it, but ahh this screen is changing colors as i type. i have this background called "acid" on my desktop and as soon as i put it on there it started movin all around. it looks wicked sweet.

i'm lookin at a bunch of other funky pictures i have on my computer, too. we were all outside and the sky looked so fucked up. amazing colors that i don't think should have been there. orange at the bottom near the trees, then yellow, green, blue, purple, and pink clouds. the stars looked amazing too. so big and bright with aura's around them. they were following me home as i drove, clinging to my car. tripping so hard...definitely good though. i feel kind of bad for leaving G & B behind but I'm sure they'll be fine. i really wanted to stay there tonite. but this is cool too. they were coming up with the sickest jams tonite, just going on and on and on. it was beautiful. B was definitely saying some fucked up shit.

i don't even know how much we ate {i think i had almost an 8th} but it would be so cool to be with G rite now seeing this shit. i don't even know if anything i'm saying is making sense, but it does to me so...that's all i need to know i guess. as someone once tripping on shrooms once said: "the tree bent a bit too far for me to pass it off as wind." makes sense now. sounds neat. i love trees. haha these words are CrAzY...zonin out on the page. the fear and loathing poster in my room is so fucked up! the black ink and bats and words "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" are melting all over the place. i had to stop looking at it. and the sky in the pic looked sweet too. my door to my parents room looked pretty fucked too.

was there even a point in me making this entry? who knows. don't know when i should stop. or where. or how. or why. but this silly lj is not a place for words to be written in such a frame of mind. this frame of mind needs to find a notebook with lines and a pen to let the ink flow freely. its 11:23 rite now. i should prolly go. but i don't want to or feel the need for it yet. i feel like i can do anything rite now. i can make anything work. ANYWAYS......wow this is so intense. you could put me into any dark room right now and i would find my way around with the light from the outside that pours in because the sky is just so alive tonite and dying to break into people's homes. or maybe its just cuz i'm trippin, lol. WTF! i'm in a TOTALLY different world rite now. i could go on and on and on rite now......but i can't. damn it. this can't end yet. i wanna go outside & walk around. i should sneak out. theres like nothing to do in my room but sleep. i don't wanna sleep. my face feels fucked up rite now. my jaw. has all nite kinda. it was weird trippin w/ G & B cuz B kept sayin he wasn't trippin. i bet he is now haha. G too most def. hmmm i have to pee again. weird, B & i have been doing that all nite.

oh shit, i gg! surprised my dad hasn't screamed at me yet. i should go draw something. i think i'll make something in paint tho. this should be fun to go back and read later. this is definitely the weirdest post i've ever made. random thoughts flying all about. why do people write in their livejournals? what is the point of it all. oh jeeze i feel like i'm in permanent trip phase mode now. its AMAZING how basically poisoning yourself with fungus can cause so much pleasure and delight. goodnight.

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