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shroomed at McDonalds

It all stared when my boy dave got a z of some boomers.

It all stared when my boy dave got a z of some boomers. we were driving arond with about 2 eiths in us and we decided to go to McDoalds. entering the place was a mission and a half the doors and the walls were water and the guy taking our order was a god dam wizard. wtf exactly we finally made it out and i see my other boy erik still in my car i asked what he was doing and he kept saying he didnt know what to do he said there was kids playing on the playscape then i told him its 11 at night dude. i go to start my car and the fucken thing didnt start at this point iam freaking out seeing how when i looked out the window it seemed we were going 100 and i wasnt driving. All a sudden a sycofrenic maniac just appaers in my back seat. telling me that were all batteries or sumthin to the world i look over to erik and he was on the roof shouting strange things that no one understood i think it was his own language after a good hour of what the fuck ..i called my boy and told him i was stuck and shroomed and didnt know what to do he came and picked us up for his troble he got an eith himself what a night

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